Episode 28 | Detoxing Your Life Part 2

If you missed last week’s episode, Part 1 of our detox series, go back and listen to Episode 27 before listening to today’s episode.

In “Detoxing Your Life Part 2,” we are continuing with the theme of looking at detox through a whole body lens and diving into external detox. Your external environment—the products you use to clean your home, your beauty and skincare routine, the sheets you sleep on, stress, even toxic relationships—can all add to your body’s toxic load and even cripple your body’s natural detox superpowers.

The good thing is that we have the ability to make simple, intentional choices day to day that can help us clean up our external environment and encourage gentle, daily detox and create more balance and joy in our lives.

Today we’re talking about 6 environmental areas and how to clean them up using lifestyle hacks and safe, non-toxic products. We put today’s “Action Steps” into a free download that’ll help you put everything you (as well as Part 1) into motion in your own life.

Click HERE To Download Our Detox Action Steps.

We also announced the winner of the Beautycounter Protect Sun Stick during the episode!

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