Pregnancy Health


Well, hello fellow Mama! Congratulations! I’m thrilled you’re here.

Welcome to all things Pregnancy Wellness. I know first hand how much you care about making sure your baby is healthy - no matter what month you’re in, it’s always a priority.

So how do you know what to eat and what not to eat? Or what products to be using and what to stay away from? That’s what I’m here for. Think of me as your new friend that has the answers you haven’t been able to find. Ask me anything… literally, I’ve heard it all before.


This journey you’re on isn’t an easy one, but with more answers for you, I can provide a lot of help to make the entire process a more enjoyable one.

To me, holistic wellness isn’t an option, it’s a lifestyle choice I committed to a long time ago that has proven to be the best decision I made for myself and my family. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy is key for a healthy baby and mother. A healthy pregnancy isn’t luck, it’s a result of how you treat your body before pregnancy and during those beautiful (often times trying) 9 months - the food you choose, the products you use on your body and in your home, and how you love on that amazing bod.

I’m here to show you how to incorporate a nutrient-dense, whole food and complete healthy living practice into your life during these next 9 months.

You’ll take these lifestyle changes into your everyday routine even after pregnancy - they’re that easy to follow.

I want to make sure you and your baby are well nourished in each trimester and after your little one is born. So I’ve created a 4-week program that will not only answer those pressing questions I know you have, but get you on track quickly for an amazing pregnancy.

My Prenatal Wellness Package is designed for mamas-to-be who are looking to optimize pregnancy and birth outcomes using a holistic approach. I focus on nutrient-dense, whole food and healthy living practices to support the mamas we work with.

The 4-week Prenatal Wellness Package includes:

60-minute Initial Wellness Consultation

Together we'll dig deeper into your...

  • Health history
  • Pregnancy journey
  • Food journal
  • Digestive health
  • And stress and lifestyle factors commonly affecting pregnancy health

Personalized Supplement + Wellness Protocol

After I analyze your results, I’ll give you a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional and lifestyle needs within your personalized Wellness Protocol and begin the healthy living education that will help you thrive throughout your pregnancy and birth. 

(2) 30-minute Follow-Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are designed to help you takes steps forward within your health. I wish I could teach you everything I know in one session, but I’m pretty sure your head would explode! During each follow up session, we look at what’s working, what may need to be adjusted within your Wellness Protocol to better serve you and then take another step forward on your journey to your best pregnancy.

1-on-1 Mentoring and Support

Throughout these 4 weeks, I’m available to you for extra support when you need it. Whether it’s for meal plan questions or lifestyle changes, I want you to have someone to turn to for real, honest answers. Pregnancy can throw you some unexpected curve balls, just know that we’re here for you.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? But if you're still not sure, let's set up your complimentary 15-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Once again, congratulations Mama! What an exciting time for you and your family!