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Empowering couples to take charge of their fertility health. 


Are you ready to take charge of your fertility
journey and pregnancy health?


You’ve Googled all you can about natural fertility and how to have the healthiest pregnancy yet you’re still struggling to put one foot in front of the other to make it happen in real life. Sound familiar?

I was in those same shoes just 4 years ago, questioning all the ways to create a more fertile body and a baby who thrived (beyond 10 fingers and 10 toes), but I was able to use my training as a Dietitian and holistic Nutritional Therapist to navigate my way through all the noise and create a program that actually works.

We can do big things together, are you ready?

I feel happier and healthier! You have been so helpful and encouraging through this whole process! I feel more empowered in the fact that you have given me so many resources to prepare my body for pregnancy.
— Kim, California

Find the resources you need to thrive.


Hi, I'm Justine!

I'm a healthy living and fertility expert, a total nutrition geek and I am obsessed with helping couples create the healthiest versions of themselves. 

Registered Dietitian, holistic Nutritional Therapist, podcaster, dreamer and dark chocolate lover, aside from snuggles with my hubby and two rainbow baby girls, I am happiest when I'm sharing my tips & tricks for living the healthy life with the world! 

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