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Episode 68 | Listener Questions: Radiation, Night Shifts & Post-Partum Weight Loss

Today’s episode is all about you, our amazing listener, and the burning questions you’ve got about healthy eating and living! We took a handful of questions that have been sent to us from women all over the country about different health topics and answered them with our personal food and lifestyle philosophies. And surprisingly, we don’t see eye to eye on everything today!

Today we’re answering questions about the safety of the Apple Watch, the documentary “What the Health”, how to make working the night shift healthier, gut health trends and how to lose stubborn baby weight. There is a little piece for everyone on this one!

We are so grateful for YOU, our listener, and your continued love and support! We are always looking for episode topics that fit our audience of health conscious women so please feel free to comment with any ideas or food and lifestyle questions. You can also message us on Instagram or send us a direct email.

It’s truly incredible to watch our listeners run with the education we share and to see the powerful changes your efforts bring about within your health journey. Keep up the hard work and always know we’re rooting for you!


04:14 | Our take on the Apple Watch and info on radiation and your health

16:50 | Our take on the documentary “What the Health” (this one gets a little fire-y!)

27:20 | How to stay healthy while working the night shift

33:40 | A few thoughts on current gut health fads

40:50 | Weight loss and nursing babies

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Episode 67 | A Compassionate Approach to Healthy Living with Monique of Ambitious Kitchen

Today’s episode is such a treat because we got to chat with the beauty behind Ambitious Kitchen, Monique Volz. We are all about her healthy lifestyle philosophy and love the way she’s sharing her story to empower others to find balance within their own health journey.

Monique shares a bit about her struggle to find balance within food and fitness after major hardship in her life and how she has learned to overcome and allow for a more mindful and compassionate approach to her body, food and exercise. The beauty behind the amazing and always delicious recipes on Ambitious Kitchen shares what has really helped her stick to the healthy life and how one of our favorites, self-love, has become a super important part of her daily routine (plus her fave meditation app, mega food splurge, safer beauty product and dream weekend!).

We are loving what Monique stands for and what she’s doing to share her experience with the world! You can find more from Monique on Ambitious Kitchen and Instagram (her stories are so fun and encouraging!) and snag a healthy meal plan from her brand new adventure, the Healthy Glow Co.!

Thank you Sunbasket for sponsoring this episode.  Click HERE for $35 off your first order!

Highlight Reel:

03:56 | How sadness prompted Monique to start blogging

06:45 | The eating disorder battle and how she learned to find balance

16:45 | How this go-getter is learning to incorporate more self-care and what she does

20:25 | Two things that have helped Monique stick to her healthy routine

22:08 | All about the Healthy Glow Collective

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Link Love:

Headspace app

Calm app

Healthy Glow Collective

Beautycounter Lip Sheer

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Episode 65 | 30-day Simple, Nourishing Detox Challenge

It’s no secret that detox is a wonderful part of a healthy life, but often times in our detox obsessed media, it can be be taken too far, done incorrectly and even cause more harm than good. Our take is a bit different and we’re all about supporting and optimizing your body’s natural detox abilities while improving your food and lifestyle so more junk isn’t coming in.

But how do you know if you need to detox? What are the causes of toxin overload? And what symptoms is your body showing that may indicate that you need some intentional detox support? Listen in and we’ll share the juicy deets.

Since we are all about taking action and really making this content a reality in your own life, we’ve create a 30-day detox program for you, simple enough for anyone to follow. We’ll walk you through the daily routine to support gentle detox and new steps to add in each week to amplify your detox routine.

And to help a sista out ever more, we’ve create a freebie for you to help you stay on track and nourish detox the right way.  Click here to download your 30-day Simple, Nourishing Detox Guide!

Our goal is to encourage you to nourish your body with real food and non-toxic living on the daily while creating routines that support your body’s natural ability to detoxify.

Follow along our detox journey over on IG– @caroline__potter and @alowellness and join in on the fun by adding #nourishingdetox

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring this episode! Be sure to listen along to learn how you can get your free lip balm!

Highlight Reel:

06:58 | Why you need to eat real food to detox best

08:55 | Potential causes of toxicity

10:45 | Symptoms of toxin overload

15:35 | Daily steps for gentle detox

22:15 | Weekly detox steps

36:40 | Monthly detox action steps

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Don't forget to download your freebie!  Click here to download your 30-day Simple, Nourishing Detox Guide!

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Our Miscarriage Story–From Sorrow to Joy

I can’t tell you how hard it is for me to sit down and write this out. Not so much because of the heavy emotions it brings up, of course that’s difficult, but because of my pride.

You see, I always want to be honest and transparent. That’s important to me and it’s just who I am. I know that doesn’t mean I have to share everything with you, my reader and friend, but this has been heavy on my heart and something I think needs to be talked about. Not by everyone, but by someone. Because so few can actually talk about it without completely falling apart, but every woman whose experienced this needs the encouragement and to know they are not alone, not broken.

I’m talking about miscarriage. A difficult, completely unexpected and uninvited reality, every time. Yes, I said every time because I’ve experienced two. One with a twin pregnancy before our amazingly healthy daughter was born and another just two weeks ago.

It’s hard to say that, to admit that to you. In fact, as I’ve shared with people in my community, I’m reminded that I am a woman who has experienced miscarriage not once, but twice. I’ve sat through the quiet, heartbeat-less ultrasound...twice. I’ve cried tears of sorrow and mourned the loss of my babies...twice. I’ve experienced the bloody aftermath of the news and the physical and emotional stress...twice. I’ve picked up the pieces and my broken heart not once, but twice.

And experience sure as hell doesn’t make it any easier, but I will say that my experience this time was different. My heart is in a different place, my faith is stronger, my knowledge of fertility is better and my hope is overwhelmingly present.  

Let me share my journey over the past 6 weeks...

In early November, I noticed that my cycle was running really long. My husband had been away for two weeks on a trip to Israel and was gone during what I thought was my fertile period so at first, I figured it wasn’t even possible for me to be pregnant!

I pulled out my period tracker like three nights in a row before I went to sleep and counted the days since my last period...34, 35, 36... you get the idea. On Sunday, November 5 I had this gut feeling that it wasn’t just a long cycle, but that I may be pregnant so I asked Matt to stop at the store on our way home from my parent’s house that night.

As we headed up our street, I told Matt I’d be really excited if it was positive. You see, the last time him and I had talked about our feelings on growing our family, maybe a month or two before this, we were on the same page that we’d be happy with just one, our sweet girl.

We went home, I put Elle down for bed and acting as cool as a kitten to Matt, I said, “Don’t worry babe, I’m sure I’m not pregnant.”  I anxiously grabbed the test and headed for the bathroom. I watched as the single line turned pink, but the second line didn’t show up right away so I set it on the window ledge. As I stood up, I glanced over and the double lines caught my eye. Holy $#*%, it was positive! Low and behold, I was pregnant! I fell to my knees and prayed, asking for the Lord’s protection and peace then brought the test out to Matt who was totally stunned. In fact, his reaction was a tad bit disappointing. It took him a day to process, but he quickly joined the happy train.

So started the process of growing a fetus. I was super tired that next week, taking naps a few times with Elle and going to bed by 8:30pm. I was over the moon because four of my best friends are also pregnant and if you’ve ever been pregnant with a bestie, you know it’s kind of the coolest thing ever. Someone to bitch about pregnancy aches and pains with who actually knows what you’re feeling, what more could you ask for?

With all the excitement I have to be honest, there were moments of pure anxiety. Having experienced a miscarriage in the past, the early weeks of pregnancy can be overwhelmingly concerning if you allow them to be. I had to stop in my tracks and pray through moments of anxiety and fear and I used lots of affirmations.

Though we planned on having another home birth, I like to start out with an ultrasound to see the little nugget and hear a heartbeat. There is just something about the sound of a heartbeat that brings so much comfort and reassurance in those early weeks of pregnancy. We couldn’t get in with my doctor until late December, but at an appointment with the nurse she informed me there had been a cancellation and she booked an appointment with the doctor for the following week. I thought that given the time frame that Matt and I had sex, before and after his Israel trip, I had to have ovulated early and figured I would be close to 8 weeks by that first appointment so seeing a heartbeat would be totally doable.

So we anxiously awaited the appointment. Even as a Nutritional Therapist, feeling confident in my first trimester nutrition and lifestyle habits, taking all the supplements and all that good stuff, I still struggled with all the emotions. There was fear, there was excitement, there was uncertainty, planning, dreaming, anxiety, concern. You name it, I felt it.

Now, with that being said, I really tried my hardest to stay positive and believe that baby into reality. I allowed myself to feel the fear and the anxiety, but didn’t let it run my world. Prayer, affirmations and my amazing family and friends were all I could stand on at this point.

The appointment came and there we sat in the doctor’s office awaiting that first ultrasound. I had all the symptoms–exhaustion, a little queasiness, a wee bit of moody–so we were feeling pretty confident.

As Dr. P scanned us, he found the sac and a little bean shaped babe within it. There was the tiniest flicker of a heartbeat, not yet audible. The baby measured about 6 weeks at this point and the anatomy was all there for this time frame. Since this was smaller than we had originally thought, of course there was some concern.

Maybe I actually ovulated late in my cycle, conceiving when Matt came home from Israel. This in and of itself concerned me because those late cycle eggs aren’t usually as good and have higher miscarriage rates (ignorance is bliss my friend, that’s for sure. Knowing so much about the world of fertility and baby makin’ brought in some extra worries...and reassurance...oddly enough) hence why having a regular cycle is so important for health conception.

The doctor wanted to test my Hcg and rescan me in another week. If I was that early on, there would definitely be a fetus forming and an audible heartbeat in another week.

So we went home and just relaxed into it. Of course I had some concern, but I tried not to deny my pregnancy in order to not let myself be let down if we did end up losing it. I tried to focus on staying positive, pour myself into my first born and just relax.

My Hcg came back strong, growing as it should so this added to my confidence.

Then came the next ultrasound. I went alone since it was smack dab in the middle of naptime. Going alone gave me some anxiety, my heart rate was 99 BPM just sitting in the office!

Dr. P came in, kind of somber from what I remember and said, “Alright Justine, let’s see what we’ve got!” and began the ultrasound. Yet, again, there was the silent wait as he moved the ultrasound wand around, trying to orient himself to the space and locate the sac.

I could see what he was looking at, the same little sac we had found last time, but this time that little bean was more like a funky looking, smaller than before triangular shape. No 7 or 8 week fetus shape, no heartbeat flicker or sound. Nothin.

When I think back to this moment, I don’t remember feeling a huge let down in emotions. It was almost like I had subconsciously known or prepared myself for this. I took a deep breath and said, “It’s OK Dr. P” as if I was reassuring him.

We sat and talked about the next steps. I told him I wanted to miscarry naturally, no meds or invasive surgeries. Just me, at home, allowing my body to do what it needed to. Any other patient he may have encouraged the medical route for fear of infection or poor self-care, but he knew my story and my beliefs, he was there to wish us good luck on our home birth two years prior and he trusted my intuition.

He did his best to reassure me, but I didn’t want false hope. I knew it was over, that that baby had gone to meet Jesus and was already waiting to meet us in Heaven.

I was OK with that.

I had to do another Hcg level to begin to follow the trend downward and it took everything in me to hold myself together until I got to the car. I text Matt and my mom and a few besties that had been praying for my appointment. I needed time to just sit in the emotions, by my self, in the car, while people pulled in and out next to me.

I sat and just sobbed like a total baby. Out loud, yucky, ugly, serious crying.

The first thing I said to God was, “Ok God, how are we going to spin this one?” because all I could think about was how embarrassed I was. A holistic Nutritionist dreaming of changing the way we nourish fertility to grow healthier families, teaching couples about how to prepare their bodies for conception so they DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS VERY THING and here I was, miscarrying.

It was hard. Really really hard. My pride was shattered and I was mourning the loss of a baby I never knew. Mourning the plans we had made looking forward to a family of four. Mourning the picture of pregnant bellies with besties. Mourning the experience of pregnancy and the excitement for another birth at home.  

I was finally able to answer the phone and talked with Matt and a few friends. By the time I got home I had settled down and felt a little less overwhelmed with emotion. We talked and prayed and took the next few days to rest and allow ourselves to experience the rollercoaster of emotions that were surely to come.

But that next day I was hit with a peace that I can hardly explain. A peace that allowed me to share the news with more of the people we had shared the pregnancy with. A peace that allowed me to pray prayers of gratitude for our story and His perfect plan, despite the pain and brokenness. A peace that truly surpassed all understanding (and I’m so grateful for whoever prayed that prayer for me).

As my body naturally let go and I began to miscarry, a traumatic experience in and of itself, I was reminded of something that I struggled with in my first miscarriage. This was a blessed interruption, a difficult loss yet a moment in life that reminds you of just how precious life is and what a miracle our first born was. A reminder that you just never know, despite your best efforts.

But in this, and the greatest gift of all was the reminder that God is good and God isn’t done and that His perfect plan will come to pass. I’m surely not saying HE caused this because I don’t know how all that works. I do know that God quite literally makes beauty from ashes and my story isn’t exempt from his mighty redemption and grace.

As hard as it is to experience loss and as hard it has been to come to terms with all the broken plans and humbling of my heart, I’m so glad that God is beside me and above me and beneath me. I am so grateful HIS plans are better than my own.

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” 2 Corinthians 4: 16-18

As I type that, I can hardly read through the tears. Not out of sadness, but out of joy and peace and overwhelming gratitude that our sorrows will one day be washed away and that we’ll get to join our 3 babies in Heaven amidst the glory of the Lord.

I’m looking forward to putting all I teach with my preconception prep couples into motion in our own life, seeing our own Nutritionist (yes, this Nutritionist has her own Nutritionist!) and really digging in with intention, now that we know we want another babe. I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you, both the ups and the downs. Whatever comes along the way.

And if you’re still reading this, I’m guessing maybe you’ve experienced loss yourself. As I ride the wave of this miscarriage onto a calmer shore, I know that the Lord is using this to connect us.

I hear your cries, your pain, your hurt, your confusion. I feel your sorrow and your longing for life within.

I want to remind you that you are not alone and you are not broken my beautiful friend. I pray that you will be blessed with the same peace that I’ve experienced. I am here with you mama and I know the Lord will see you through this, no matter how hard and yucky miscarriage may be. God is good always and always God is good.

I’m praying for all of the hearts that are hurting out there because I know there are so, so many.

Looking forward to sharing our journey of healing through this and getting our bods all baby ready. For when the time is right and the prep is done.

Lots of love my friend,



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Episode 61 | 5 Ways to Give Grace & Stress Less During the Holidays

On today’s episode we are giving you 5 ways to take some of the stress out of the holidays and give yourself grace to really relax into the season and spend more time family, friends and those in need. Plus, we’re announcing the winner of our conscious holiday gift basket!

We are big believers in really sinking into life, feeling all the feels, enjoying the little moments and taking the time to live intentionally. We hope these 5 actionable steps will help you to have a beautiful season with your loved ones, with a little less overwhelm and guilt and a whole lot more joy!

This is our final episode for 2017, but we will be back to share our passion for healthy living on Monday, January 8, 2018! We absolutely love putting out actionable healthy living content for you, but we are definitely looking forward to a few weeks of quiet before the start of a brand new year!

Thank you Sunbasket for sponsoring this episode! Click here to get $35 off your first order!

Highlight Reel

03:13 | Giveaway winner announced! Woohoo! (Please contact us!)

09:27 | How the comparison game can steal your joy

12:15 | How a little planning can give you extra time during the week

20:51 | Justine’s tip for how to eat during the holidays when you have different eating styles

24:45 | Our take on holiday indulging (hint: it doesn’t involve guilt)

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Episode 60 | How Toxin-Free Living Actually Affects Your Health

We’re finally doing it, digging into the nitty gritty of environmental toxins–the cold, hard facts about chemicals within the beauty and skincare industries in the US, ways these chemicals get into our bodies and how they reveal their nasty little side effects and affect our health.

The episode is not for the faint of heart, we definitely go deeper than usual and use some big words, but we break it down, explain the buzz words and connect it all to real life (like how it affects babies in utero, how you experience their effects and more).

Our goal is not to scare you, rather to empower you to be an advocate for your own health, to be able to make decisions that affect positive change within your health journey and create more balance and beauty within your life. No stress, just steps forward. Know better, do better, right?

Don’t forget that November 30 is the last day to enter to win our conscious holiday gift basket. Don’t worry, we made it super simple for you! Head to the purple podcast app on your phone or the iTunes store and write a review for the Colorful Eats podcast! That’s it! You’ll automatically be entered to win. We’ll announce the lucky winner during Episode 61, airing December 4, so make sure to stay tuned!

Highlight Reel:

10:55 | How side effects of toxin exposure can reveal themselves in your life (aka symptoms)

16:18 | Endocrine disruptors and how they affect your hormones

20:38 | Heavy metals and your beauty routine

27:32 | The toxin-skin connection and hormonal acne

33:25 | Why “natural” isn’t always enough

38:02 | Sourcing vs safety – what these buzz words really mean

Download Episode 60 in iTunes!

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Your Better Beauty & Non-toxic Home Black Friday/Small Biz Saturday DEALS

Yes, it's that time of year again and we are all excited to get some steals and deals on our fave goodies during Black Friday! I am also a huge fan of Small Business Saturday because I am all about supporting small companies doing big things in the world!

So as you sip that cup of Joe and peruse all the deals out there (because EVERYONE has got stuff going on), I wanted to share with you some of my favorite companies and what they're doing this weekend. 

And since I am all about creating a non-toxic environment and getting you and your loved ones all stocked up with clean beauty goodness, I am doing some serious GIVEAWAYS today! (scroll down to get the deets)

But first...THE DEALS! Oh my goodness friend, I am so stoked about all these because it's the perfect opportunity to add to your collection of non-toxic products to support your health and also help your loved ones do the same!

Plus you're supporting me and other small businesses so THANK YOU ahead of time!

Beautycounter Black Friday Promos–

Beautycounter's Holiday Sets are the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers for all the ladies in your life! Plus they have plenty of other goodies to splurge on if you're just looking to fill your safer beauty collection while there are hot deals going on!

> FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 Friday thru Sunday at 11:59pm

> Cleansing Balm and cloth | $38* 

> Lash Power Duo - mini Volumizing Mascara (my favorite!!) and travel makeup remover | $20*

*These sets have limited quantities and will most likely sell out by end of day Friday!

Gift(s) with purchase...

  • FREE Beautycounter+ Spa Set of choice with any purchase over $250 Friday thru Sunday at 11:59pm...uuuuuuum this is amazing! That's an $88 value! There are some details about the spa sets below so you can figure out what will be best for your skin!

More about the Beautycounter+ Spa Sets (gift with purchase) for Black Friday:

This Collection of targeted masks, mists and oils were formulated with SAFER INGREDIENTS to enhance your current skincare regimen! Products to brighten, plump and balance the skin.

🍊No. 1 Brightening Collection ~ Infused with multi-source vitamin C complex, brightens dull skin and boosts radiance. Helps minimize dark spots for a more even complexion and radiant glow.

🌸No. 2 Plumping Collection ~ Formulated with powerful peony and jasmine essences to restore and firm moisture-depleted skin. Helps diminish the appearance of fine lines.

🖤No. 3 Balancing Collection ~ Infused with activated charcoal and ylang ylang to gently refine oily, uneven skin. Charcoal removes excess oil and impurities. This collection works great for acne and breakout prone skin.

  • Spend $150* and choose from the following lip glosses, all from our Holiday Sets (limited to first FOUR order confirmations sent via email to, gifts are first come, first serve!):

PLEASE email your gift preference from the options above (first come, first serve) to by end of day on November 27 to qualify.

*All dollar amounts are pre-tax and pre-shipping.  Limit one gift with purchase per person.  MUST purchase using the links on this page with Justine Campbell as your consultant.*

**Gifts will be sent the first week of December.**


Primally Pure Promos...

If you've been following the blog for any amount of time, you know Primally Pure is one of my very favorite non-toxic skincare lines. Their products are safe, clean and work like a charm and they make absolutely beautiful gifts! I especially love all their kit options, they are so perfect for gift giving!

  • Spend $60 and receive Primally Pure's brand new (full size) Black Charcoal Deodorant for FREE!

Shop Primally Pure here!

Branch Basics Promos...

Branch Basics has been my go-to for non-toxic cleaning for the past few years and they just recently re-launched their Concentrate with an even cleaner formula and it is A M A Z I N G. I use it on all the things, literally. It's the only cleaning product we use in our home and I'm so grateful for the option! If you are planning to conceive (like, ever), are pregnant or have little ones, this cleaning option is a must for keeping your family safe!

  • 20% off their Starter Kits and products PLUS free shipping through Cyber Monday! Their kits even come with a cute holiday bow for gifting! Use promo code "GIVECLEAN" at checkout!

Shop Branch Basics here!


Alright, there you have it! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! Don't forget that if you purchase with Beautycounter to email your order confirmation to to claim your gift!

Happy Holidays my friend! May you be beyond blessed this season!



The Better Beauty Gift Guide–The Gifts that Keep on Giving

If you’re anything like me, this year you thought, “This is the year I am going to get all my holiday shopping done BEFORE November. No stress. Think ahead. Relax during the holidays.”...then November rolled around and you realize you’re back to your usual holiday scramble. Anyone?

No worries, there’s still plenty of time to get all the goodies you need and still have time to relax your pumpkin spiced tush into the season!

This year I have a better idea of how I want to bless the loved ones in my life. Their health is always at the top of my priority list, as I'm sure it is on theirs as well, so I am going to give the gift of good health this year through safer, conscious products.

Yup, it's decided.  

As I dive into the world of non-toxic living, the more I see the need for knowledge all around me–hence why I am always sharing my fave products on Instagram stories or on the blog.

Because the products we use on our skin and around our bodies can affect our health in a positive or negative way. Yes, what you eat matters, but it’s just not enough!

Everyone uses products–skin care, beauty, home and cleaning, etc.–each and everyday, so I thought to myself, “Why not make my gifts a little more meaningful so that I can help create positive change in the health of the people I love the most!?”

No brainer, right!?

I have actually tried this in years past with friends and family who were interested in health and wellness and they loved the goodies and now support those very same companies I gifted them products from.

So many people are starting to learn that the products they use may be affecting their health, specifically their fertility and conception journey, but it can be really intimidating, especially if you’re brand new to the healthy living game. Everyone desires to have better health, to feel better and live with more vibrance–gifting someone a safer product, like a delicious smelling non-toxic body butter, lip gloss or candle, can be a great way to introduce them to the world of non-toxic living and encourage them to explore further on their own.

So today I have put together a list of my very favorite products that will fit oh-so-perfectly into any stocking or beautifully wrapped holiday box and create a positive ripple effect in your loved one’s health! Now that is some seriously good gift giving, right!?

***Just FYI–I share a lot of my fave products from two of my go-to beauty and skincare companies, Primally Pure and Beautycounter. A little birdie told me that both companies will be having some A-MAZING Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals! I'll be posting again on Black Friday with more info! I'll also be doing a GIVEAWAY this weekend so definitely stay tuned!

Use the links below to take you to your gifts!

2017 Safer Beauty Gift Guide


  • Primally Pure’s Starter Kit–absolutely perfect for the clean beauty newbie or pro on the go, the set comes with a body butter and deodorant of your choice, an ‘everything spray’ and three lip balms!
  • Primally Pure’s Spa Kit–everything you need to pamper yourself or a loved one, the spa set comes with a dry brush, a body oil of your choice, sea soak salts, flower bath salts and a beautiful organic bag (yes, even the bag is good for you!)
  • Primally Pure’s Baby Kit–perfect for the new mama or new baby (whomever you decide to gift it directly to!), it’s got everything you need to keep little ones all clean and snuggly!
  • Mini Body Butter Collection–yes, one is not enough. You need to have them all. PP’s body butter is like heaven, so silky smooth and super hydrating.
  • Lip Balm Set–this set was made for a stocking, I’m sure of it! I keep one of these lip balms in every room of my house and every bag or purse I own!
  • Body Oil Collection–PP just reformulated their body oils and this set is perfect for anyone who loves beautiful scents and products that actually hydrate the skin...perfection!
  • Multi-Masker Set–let me just say, these masks are a GAME CHANGER. I have seen these beauties in action at one of my Beautycounter socials and it was pretty impressive.


Beauty + Makeup

  • Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette– TO. DIE. FOR. I got this for myself (oopsies) and it is all things amazing. So many beautiful shades for dressing up or down. A must.
  • Illuminating Trio– This set is at the top of my “yes please!” list! Perfectly paired highlighters for any skintone.
  • Perfect Pout Trio, Pinks– This set can be given whole or split up between stockings or personally curated gift sets.
  • Best of Brushes Set– Four brushes that every beauty needs!  
  • Blue Tansy Beauty Cream–the perfect addition to your safer beauty routine, blue tansy oil is used to


Safer Products for the men in your life...because their products matter too!

  • Clean Slate Charcoal Duo–comes with the charcoal bar and the No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask, perfect for the man who's OK with gettin' his 
  • Counterman Perfect Shave Set–everything your man needs to prep, shave and soothe, this is the perfect gift for your health conscious dude or any man in your life for that matter!
  • Beard Oil or Beard Oil Pack–the perfect way to nourish, tame and hydrate facial hair without weighing it down or looking greasy. Plus, they're cocktail scented (old fashioned and mint mojito please!) which is pretty awesome. 


For the Non-Toxic Home

  • Branch Basics Starter Kit–does it seem weird to gift someone cleaning products!? haha Not when they're one-of-a-kind goodness, packaged in a beautiful reusable cloth bag with a red bow, ready to make that loved ones life way easier (and less toxic, duh!). Use promo code "alo10" to get 10% off your starter kit!
  • Honey + Fern beeswax candles–this is one of my fave new shops and I already have a box full of candles to gift to loved one! Their candles are non-toxic, pure beeswax and just plain pretty. 


I hope this gift guide helps give you a few ideas for gifting safer beauty, skincare and home goodies to your loved one! Healthy living really can trickle into every aspect of your life, even in the gifts you give!

I'd love to hear what some of your favorite healthy gifts are or if you end up gifting any of these goodies! Please share in the comments below! I love to hear from you!

Happy Holidays my friend! Praying you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!




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Episode 59 | Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Oh friend, the holidays are upon us and we are beyond excited! This is definitely the most wonderful time of the year in our eyes!

On today’s episode, we are sharing some of our favorite conscious gifts, supporting companies who are making things cleaner and greener and doing business better, for everyone in your life–the precious mamas who bless so many, the fashionista, that fitness enthusiast, the kiddos you love so much and we can’t forget all the men out there, plus a few more in between!

We love to do this type of episode, just as we did last year, because we believe that the businesses we support have the ability to create positive impact in our world with the products they create, the good they support and the way they do business.

And since we’re feeling all giddy about the holidays, we wanted to bless one lucky gal with a few of our favorite clean beauty goodies and tasty holiday treats! All you have to do to enter is head to iTunes or your purple podcast app and write a review for the Colorful Eats podcast! That’s it! And if you’ve already written a review, you’re automatically entered to win!

The deadline to enter is November 30 and we’ll announce the lucky winner during Episode 61 going live December 4!

Thank you Sunbasket for sponsoring this episode.  Be sure to listen along to get $35 off your first order!

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Link Love:

For the Moms in your life…

For fashion splurges

  • Everlane
  • Cuyana
  • Flannel PJs, Lake Pajamas

For the home body & kitchen lover

For the fitness enthusiast in your life...

  • Apple Watch
  • Outdoor Voices apparel

For the outdoorsy in your life…

  • Patagonia
  • Hunter rain boots

For the men in your life…

For the kiddos in your life…

  • Palumba
  • Cuddle & Kind
  • Banner Toys
  • VONbon

For the beauty lovers…

Gifts that go beyond:

  • Samaritans purse
  • International justice mission
  • Compassion international

For more information on how to get your body ready for baby makin' and create a stress-less conception story, join our brand-new email list for posts on healthy eating + living, upcoming events and programs and more!

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Episode 58 | How to Combat Holiday Stress and Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

The holiday season is upon us! How exciting! We absolutely love this time of year, but with all the celebration, festive parties, gifts and crazy family gatherings, we know it can also be a time of stress, leaving us overwhelmed, a few pounds heavier and down right pooped. Not to mention the fact that it’s cold and flu season and that has it’s own challenges!

Taking care of yourself during this time of year can be a game changer on how you feel come January 1, boost your immune system and bring more joy and excitement to the season.

In today’s episode, we’re sharing our top tips for staying healthy this holiday season along with our fave supplements and ways to better manage the stressors of the season.

We’re all about bringing more joy to the season and keeping it a healthy season, despite the sweet treats floating around and holiday parties galore. We’re challenging you to take a balanced approach to the season and we hope it will make this year your most joyful yet!

Highlight Reel

06:10 | Why getting sick occasionally is normal and even healthy

08:00 | What to eat to boost your immune system and keep you strong all season long

11:40 | Caroline’s one bite rule, explained

19:55 | Justine’s take on creating healthier holiday gatherings and how far she’s come

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For more information on how to get your body ready for baby makin' and create a stress-less conception story, join our brand-new email list for posts on healthy eating + living, upcoming events and programs and more!

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