Busting the Top 3 Weight Loss Myths + How to Find YOUR Happy Place [+ a freebie!]

Busting Weight Loss Myths + How to Find YOUR Happy Place | Part 1  

The holiday season is coming to an end and most people have been letting it all hang out- fillin' up on turkey dinner and peppermint mochas.

After all, this glorious season only comes around once a year!

But maybe this isn't you. You are reading this post so I bet you're trying to make healthier choices this season, even little things can make a big difference, right?

And if you're anything like many of my clients, you'd put "weight loss" at the top of your health goals, even during this time of year.

Actually, especially during this time of year.

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And many of you may say to me the very thing my clients have mentioned over and over again, "I feel like I know what I'm supposed to do, but I just can't stick to it or it's too hard to eat healthy all the time and I actually want to LIVE my life!"

Or you're just flat out confused. Calories? Fat? Carbs? What's good? What's bad?

I get it. I totally get it.

I used to focus on every morsel that entered my mouth, wondering if it'd make me fat, how many calories and fat grams it contained, how many points it'd cost me (Weight Watcher's anyone!?), and on and on the worry went.

It's awful. It takes the joy out of eating, something that is meant to bring us energy, mental clarity, health and literally, good cheer!

I know you may be confused, but you're willing to learn and put in effort (if you know it's going to work...am I right!?). And that's what you need for success.

You want to know what you can do to live a healthier life and reach your weight goals while actually loving the food you're eating, feeling fulfilled and balanced and creating more joy in your life.

It surely isn't rocket science, but it's not always intuitive either, especially with all the junk information we have acquired from TV, movies, magazines and the like over the past "x" years of our lives.

So, today I want to bust up some weight loss myths and share with you a few super practical tips on how to lose weight and get your body healthy, from the inside out.

What a perfect time of year to practice healthy eating + living and make some serious head way with our health!

Let’s dig in!

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Myth #1: Restricting calories will help me lose weight.

TRUTH: A low calorie diet restricts vital nutrients from your body, often times putting you into starvation mode, lowering thyroid function and leaving you in fat storage mode.


If you're trying to lose weight...fat storage mode is not where you want to be. Am I right!?

Sure, you might be saying something like, "I've lost weight on a low-calorie diet" or "I've tried this and it works every time!", but tell me this- did the weight stay off long term?

Did you feel crappy while you were restricting those calories?

Did your relationships, work life, concentration, happiness, etc. suffer?

Were you pretty much thinking about food all 86,400 seconds of the day?

In my humble opinion, that is surely no way to live life and I would never ask this of my clients (or my own body for that matter!).

Here's another piece to consider...not only does restricting calories encourage fat storage mode, it can also mess with your blood sugar causing a total roller coaster effect.

When blood sugar drops too low, that thing we call "hangry" comes out in full effect and you want something to get your energy and focus back in check...immediately. This usually comes in the form of sweets or processed carbs, both of which encourage fat storage.

Can you think of a time this has happened to you?

I can think of about 1000 times this has happened to me in the past.

No bueno.

"So if restricting calories isn't the way to go, what the heck should I do Justine!?" Great question beautiful.

Eat. Real. Food.

Busting Weight Loss Myths + How to Find YOUR Happy Place

Did you know that losing weight, getting to YOUR happy and healthy weight and staying there requires lots and lots of nutrients (think vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, carbs, water)?

Honestly, it's that simple. Eat foods that don't have food labels or that have ingredients that are real, whole foods themselves. 

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Our bodies don't like chemical additives, in fact, we store these toxins in our fat cells to be locked away forever, keeping us safe from harm.

Get a little carb, fat and protein at each meal and snack. Fill up on vegetables cooked in a healthy fat source like butter or ghee, coconut oil or olive oil, eat good quality animal or fish protein/fat like salmon, grass-fed beef, organic chicken, lamb or bison, snack on raw nuts with fresh fruit and whole milk yogurt or half of an avocado and a hard boiled egg.

Do you see it? It's all real. Your body knows how to use those nutrients to fuel healthy hormones and metabolism, to keep blood sugar stable and your brain firing strong, and encourages fat burning mode.

Plus, when your body gets the nutrients it needs to function, it tells you you're full and overeating is far less likely.

I like the sound of that.

Don't you?

So, at your next meal (and every one after that!), I challenge you to take a step back, look at what you've chosen...is it real, whole food? Can you read the ingredients in it? Is it heavily processed or freshly made?

Depending on your answers, use that info to make a better choice at your next meal or snack and the one after that and so on.

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Myth #2: Diet foods help you lose weight.

TRUTH: Plenty of junk food is marketed as healthy and diet foods fall right into this. 


Low fat, fat free, sugar free, cholesterol free are just a few of the marketing buzz words that companies use to get the millions of people dieting each year to purchase their foods.

The fact of the matter is, these foods are highly processed, rich in chemical additives and usually have added sugar sources, addictive ingredients and rancid fats. These are "junk foods" and trick your body's hunger cues and the hormones that regulate body weight.

Not cool. Stay away from these foods.

It goes back to the whole "eat real food" point.

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Your body knows how to use whole foods and the nutrients in them to amp up metabolism and fuel energy, encourage mental clarity, support restful sleep and a stable mood, and so much more goodness.

When you're getting the nutrients your body knows how to use, you quickly realize that you don't need that second or third serving. 

I personally found that when I switched out the diet foods for whole foods (many years ago!), my body began to change without me even thinking about it. I turned my focus from calories and fat to real and whole and felt a shift in every aspect of my health.

I think that the best part about this was the change in my stress around food and helped to mend the negative relationship that I had with food. And my own body image.

I find the same is true for my clients. Swapping diet this and low fat that for a whole food version made with real ingredients leaves you more satisfied, often times with less.

Busting Weight Loss Myths + How to Find YOUR Happy Place

Myth #3: Weight loss is all about willpower.

TRUTH: Losing weight is actually a pretty complex thing with many factors affecting your body’s ability to let go of that extra weight...not just your will to make it happen.

In fact, let’s look at sugar again.

Most people can understand that eating sweets while you’re trying to lose weight is probably not the best way to support your efforts.

Well, if you have unstable blood sugar (which is about 99.9% of my clients), for example, your body is going to tell you, “give me that sugar/processed carb/junk food or else I am going to DIE” in order to stabilize your blood sugar. You’re surely going to listen.

This isn’t about willpower, it’s about your biology and your body’s constant desire to create balance.

But you've been led to believe you're not strong enough/dedicated enough/committed enough to lose the weight and keep it off.

If you’ve got underlying issues that make losing weight a challenge, something as simple as “willpower” just isn’t going to be enough.

Food choices, digestive issues, blood sugar and hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, stress and adrenal fatigue can all hold you back from creating a healthier, more balanced life and keep your body in a fat storing mode.

Most people trying to lose weight have no idea the very issues that are holding them back in creating a successful weight loss journey.

But these things shouldn't hold you back from taking action and making healthy choices and a healthy weight a reality. All it takes is a little learning and a will to create this very balance and joy in your own life.

Luckily, I've got your back and have a pretty incredible opportunity for those looking to make this happen, getting rid of the weight for good and creating a healthy life, minus all the stress, calorie counting and bogus diets. 

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Are you with me!?

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Small, daily changes make HUGE differences over time and this is how we make healthy eating and living a lifetime thing. Plus, this helps us get to our healthy weight and stay there.

Lots of healthy love,



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