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How to save serious time + money grocery shopping [plus a free download!]

AloWellness Over the past 8 months, I have done everything in my power to NOT have to go to the store. Don’t get me wrong, I love the grocery store.

Just not with an 8 month old.

Really, it’s not even that. She’s a pretty darn good shopping partner, but I’d definitely rather be spending my time doing other things. Like crawling around on the ground roaring like a lion to make her laugh. Or writing this blog post. Or creating new programs for Alo.

 FREE DOWNLOAD | Pantry Staples Cheat Sheet

You get the picture, right?

I’m sure you have a lot of other things you’d rather be doing than making that weekly trip to the store or daily trip for some!

Plus, wouldn’t it be great if we could save a few bucks while we’re at it?

I have come up with a system that allows me to make only one or two grocery store trips a month.

Yes, I’m serious.

And I don’t have to spend much money on that trip either because I have figured out a way to get all of my produce, meats/dairy/eggs and snack foods online (and many for discounted prices!). Plus, I'm too distracted by this little squishy face!


Because I believe that central to a healthy life is balance and quality time spent with the ones we love. Especially if you’re a working mom or running a business, I’m sure you’d give anything to spend more time with the ones you love.

Am I right?

So, let me show you how I make this happen, how I spend more time with my family and growing my business and less time at the grocery store with more money in my pocket.

1. Purchase produce + raw dairy + eggs from a co-op


I order my produce weekly from Abundant Harvest. If you live in southern/central California, AH is an amazing co-op committed to providing local, organic and seasonal produce. I also purchase my pastured eggs, Organic Pastures raw milk/cream (for Elle’s raw milk formula) and butter.

You can chose to order a small box (feeds approx. 2-4 people; $25.80/week) or a large box (feeds approx. 4-6 people; $42.30/week), add weekly or “standing” add ons (other available produce items) and they even have some prepared meals, spices, cooking oils, meats and fish and sweet treats. All items are 100% certified organic, non-GMO. I can get behind that!


My weekly order is approx. $72.90 which includes a small box, a gallon of raw milk, a pint of raw cream and two dozen pastured eggs. We will occasionally add on their gluten-free mini pot pies or random produce items like sweet potatoes, beets, onions or fruit. This may seem like a lot of money to some, but having access to raw milk/cream and pastured eggs is a gift so we take advantage of that. 

If you do not have access to Abundant Harvest, don’t worry! There are tons of companies that deliver fresh produce right to your doorstep. Check out and enter your zip or city to find a co-op near you (as well as local farms, farmer’s markets, natural food markets and restaurants and farm stands!).


2. Choose sustainably-raised meat + wild fish from responsible farms


I have ordered the majority of my meat and fish from a Pennsylvanian Amish co-op that deliveries to our area once a month. They deliver to very few locations so let’s look at some other amazing options for meat and fish.

I adore Primal Pastures, not only because I know and love the owners, but because they stand for food that is grown responsibly, sustainably and according to nature’s brilliant design. Their meat is all organic and pasture-raised. Check out their online store here.

I have also ordered meat and fish from US Wellness Meats many times. They have lots and lots of items on their site these days including pasture-raised meats/poultry, grass-fed dairy, ice cream, wild-caught fish, bones and broth, kid-friendly picks, AIP and Paleo options and much more.


3. Join Thrive Market for snack foods + cooking oils + paper products [and more!]


My new favorite “store” in the whole entire world is Thrive Market. Picture Costco and Whole Foods having a Yes, it's weird, but I’m serious! It's amazing! For less than $5/month, you have access to over 3000 healthy products for up to 50% off.

Plus, when you click here and enter your email address, your first purchase on Thrive will start your FREE 30-day membership trial. They’ll also donate a membership to a family in need with every paid membership. That’s pretty stellar.

You can even enter to win a $1,000 shopping spree! Click here to make it happen!

 FREE DOWNLOAD | Pantry Staples Cheat Sheet

And because I adore you for reading this, I have created an awesome FREEBIE! In my "Pantry Staples Cheat Sheet", I lay out my "must haves" for creating and sustaining a healthy food environment at home. Most of the items can be purchased on Thrive.

Thrive also has an awesome app which makes shopping super easy. I mark all my fav items for my “Shopping List” to make it easy to purchase these items each time I shop.

Each month, I make one or two orders for coconut oil, paleo-snacks, dark chocolate, Primal Kitchen mayo, coconut and almond flour, coffee, beef jerky, Seventh Generation toilet paper and paper towels, Acure lotion and Dr. Bronner’s soap, and whatever else we need to stock the pantry.

They even have products for babies and children, pets and non-toxic house cleaning.

If you purchase any of the above need a Thrive Market membership. Click here to get your first month for free!


So, there you have it. How to save serious time + money on grocery shopping! Let me know what you think and if you have any other ways to save a few minutes [or hours!] and some green in the comments below!


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