Episode 57 | Listener Questions: Keratosis Pilaris, IBS, Stress & Healthy Breakfast Options

Today’s episode is all about you, our listener! We talk about a lot of different topics related to nutrition and healthy living and though we try to get as specific as possible, sometimes we just don’t get to that topic or question you’ve had lingering. Well, today is your day!

On today’s episode, we’re answering a few listener questions we’ve gotten over the past few months– from where to start if you haven’t been feeling well and when to turn to a practitioner for help, a few ways to improve your gut health and how to support IBS naturally to our fave breakfast options. We also dig into a mom’s question on detoxing after breastfeeding and how to manage keratosis pilaris naturally.

We love getting your questions and we’d love to do more episodes answering all your burning healthy living questions! Whether it be about motherhood or feeding little ones, health issues and struggles, food or product specific, stress and emotional health related, etc.– we love them all! Email me with your questions, we’ll save them for our next listener question episode!

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Highlight Reel:

08:20 | Where to start when you’re not feeling well and not sure where to turn

13:40 | How being your own advocate can help you dive into what’s happening within your body

16:22 | Stress, IBS and doing detective work

22:47 | Justine’s take on getting healthy after weaning baby

36:45 | Out fave balanced breakfast options

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Episode 47 | Staying Healthy in Seasons of Stress


Stress is inevitable, but what if we could make seasons of stress more tolerable? Approaching them with more energy, grace and better health. Just like seasons in nature, our own lives have times of rest and times of grow, adventure and hardships and we believe that it’s what we do within these different seasons that encourage us to thrive.

Today we’re sharing some of our tried and true tips for taking care of yourself during seasons of stress and how these tips can actually make difficult times more tolerable, allowing you to be your best self even when the going gets tough. From the importance of listening to your inner dialogue to the best foods to eat while you’re stressed, these tips will definitely help push you through a challenging season. We’ve also got some helpful Action Steps to really help you bring it home and make it happen in your own life.

Since we are so close to our 50th episode, we are celebrating by doing a giveaway! It’s super simple to enter - all you have to do is leave us a review in iTunes! We’ll announce the lucky winner during Episode 50! Giveaway goodies will be announced in an upcoming episode!

Highlight Reel:

06:00 | How stress can save your life...and create problems

11:12 | Creating a plan to stay healthy while you’re stressed

24:45 | How exercise can actually change your mood

31:20 | The best way to fuel your body

35:35 | Action Steps to bring it home and make it happen

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