Protein Powders

Episode 38 | The Real Truth About Protein Powders


On today’s episode of the Colorful Eats podcast, we are digging into protein powders and dissecting those famous label claims of weight loss and six pack abs. Is the powdered form of protein all it’s cracked up to be or should be reconsider our go-to protein powder?

We share our favorite protein sources and how adding them to foods and smoothies can amp up your usable nutrient intake as well as provide some pretty incredible support to your beauty regimen. And since smoothies are a place we tend to sprinkle our fave protein powder into, we take a look at how they can fall in line with those “healthy” food items that can be really unhealthy and take you through some ways to optimize your everyday smoothie into a total powerhouse. As always, we’ve included links to all the products and superfoods we talked about during this episode below.

We’d love to hear what some of your favorite smoothies superfoods are! Let us know in the comments!

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Highlight Reel:

5:10: Caroline’s dreamy France trip and her perfect vacay

13:30: How we really feel about most protein powders on the market today

19:00: When smoothies can be a good option

20:50: Our Fave Brand + Types Of Protein

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