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A Clean Beauty Christmas


As I’ve gotten older, I have gotten far away from the idea that Christmas is all about presents…and lots of them. Did you ever count your gifts at the end of the Christmas morning frenzie (back in 5th grade…)? I did and the more the merrier, right?

Nowadays the meaning of Christmas has shown through and presents are the least of my concern. At the same time, it is a time of year where giving gifts and celebrating with family and friends brings warmth and comfort to the season and lots of wonderful memories.

My favorite gifts are those that are thoughtful and intentional, not just bought for the sake of buying…that’s no fun! Also, my desire to find and support companies who use good quality, sustainably sourced ingredients or fabrics and are ran by a go-getter mom boss or a power couple trying to change the trajectory of an industry is a high priority.

This year, as I learn more about non-toxic beauty and continue to share my passion with others, I'll be gifting clean beauty and skin care products because seriously…what lady friend isn’t looking for more radiant skin and an extra pop of beauty!?

I have put together a list of some of my favorite clean beauty products and Black Friday sales worth taking action on! I think you're loved ones are going to be glad you stopped by... :)


Primally Pure

[My absolute favorite non-toxic beauty and skincare company of all time.]

Spend $60 and receive a free Lip Balm set ($18 value).

Spend $120 and receive a free Fancy Face Serum ($48 value).

A few of my favs...


The Spa Kit

The Spa Kit - Primally Pure

The Starter Kit

Lavender + Eucalyptus Body Butter

Lavender + Eucalyptus Body Butter - Primally Pure

 Rose + Mint Complexion Mist

Rose + Mint Complexion Mist - Primally Pure



Safer skincare into the hands of everyone...because we deserve better!

Get a free Lipsheer of your choice with a purchase of $125 or more ($30 value).

Add a free Citrus and Rosemary Body oil with a purchase of $250 or more ($73 value).

A few of my favs...


Our Favorites for Your Favorite Gift Set


Naughty to Nice Gift Set


Love and Luster Gift Set


Baby Bundle



Thrive Market

Though not directly a clean beauty site, Thrive Market is a site that has tons of natural and clean beauty products available at wholesale prices (think Whole Foods meets Costco and has a kick ass kid) well as every pantry staple you can think of, environmentally friendly paper goods, pet food, baby products, etc.!

A year's subscription to Thrive Market would be an amazing gift for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle!

Click HERE to get a 30-day free trial!



Happy shopping friends! Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite clean beauty brands and/or products are!