Episode 34 | Why We Don't Love "Cheat Days"


Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! This week we are digging into the infamous “cheat day” and revealing some not so satisfying facts about why these days of gorging on donuts, pizza and anything else you can get your hands on isn’t the best idea for encouraging a healthy body and mind.

We’re sharing the ways a “cheat day” can cause physical and emotional messes in your life and how cheat days can reveal deeper life issues that may need addressing. Most importantly and the reason for doing this episode, we lay out how to create a lifestyle of balance so that you’ll never need to rely on a “cheat day” to eat that bowl of ice cream or pour that second glass of vino and really enjoy your life.

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Highlight Reel

1:30 | Why the logic of “cheat days” is so flawed

5:34 | Metabolism and your body on a cheat day

16:00| How a cheat day can become your every day

24:08 | Action steps

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