Heathy Holidays

Episode 58 | How to Combat Holiday Stress and Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

The holiday season is upon us! How exciting! We absolutely love this time of year, but with all the celebration, festive parties, gifts and crazy family gatherings, we know it can also be a time of stress, leaving us overwhelmed, a few pounds heavier and down right pooped. Not to mention the fact that it’s cold and flu season and that has it’s own challenges!

Taking care of yourself during this time of year can be a game changer on how you feel come January 1, boost your immune system and bring more joy and excitement to the season.

In today’s episode, we’re sharing our top tips for staying healthy this holiday season along with our fave supplements and ways to better manage the stressors of the season.

We’re all about bringing more joy to the season and keeping it a healthy season, despite the sweet treats floating around and holiday parties galore. We’re challenging you to take a balanced approach to the season and we hope it will make this year your most joyful yet!

Highlight Reel

06:10 | Why getting sick occasionally is normal and even healthy

08:00 | What to eat to boost your immune system and keep you strong all season long

11:40 | Caroline’s one bite rule, explained

19:55 | Justine’s take on creating healthier holiday gatherings and how far she’s come

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