Healthy Vacation

How to Rock Out a Healthy Vacay | Eats, Treats + Travel Tips

As if I wasn't already enough of a planner before, being a mom has put me into super planning overdrive mode most of the time. Especially with a big trip, there is so much forethought that has to happen, it can almost drive you crazy!

This will be our first official vacation as three and we are headed to beautiful Maui island! We have been talking about heading back to Maui since our honeymoon almost 7 years ago (though we definitely aren’t complaining, we’ve traveled to some pretty incredible places since we’ve been married!). We figured that Elle is at the perfect age to enjoy the sand and the ocean, but she is still baby enough to get some downtime during naps and an early bedtime.

The crazy thing is among all of this healthy travel prep, we are also preparing our home for a kitchen demo and remodel. Yeah, $#@& is getting real around here.

OK, back to travel. One of the best things that you can do to keep your healthy dreams alive is to be prepared while you travel. That's kind of my recommendation for any event, outing, weekly meal prep, and just about anything that has to do with healthy eating and healthy living.

Being prepared and having a little forethought will go along way.

At this point in my health journey, bringing along healthy snacks and stopping at Maui’s Wholefoods to stock our condo full of healthy eats is not so much about saving myself from gorging on unhealthy snack and restaurant food as it is about continuing with the culture of wellness we've created in our home. It doesn't feel good to "cheat" with donuts and Cheeto's and fast foods items.

Plus, I like my vacations to make me feel rested and recharged and binging on junk isn’t really a piece of that equation.


How to Rock Out a Healthy Vacay

Bring along snacks and “healthy” treats for your travel time.

It’s hard to find good quality snacks at most airports so keeping a few items in your carryon (or an entire snack bag as we do) can save you time, money and health. Also, beyond the initial travel time, pack enough for excursions once you’ve arrived at your destination and even for the trip home. This will most definitely save you from low blood sugar and the choices that usually follow when you’re starving and don’t have many (if any) healthy options available.

My husband and I love Larabars, mixed nuts, avocado + sea salt, beef jerky, etc. For a sweet treat, I always bring along a little something that we each love like Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups or a dark chocolate bar.

For Elle, we’ll be bringing banana, berries, avocado, Plum Organics snack packs, olives, smoked salmon.

If you plan ahead, you can get all your carryon or car ride snacks on Thrive Market for much less than a health food store. We swear by Thrive! Click here to get 30-days FREEEEE!

Stay hydrated.

Since you can’t bring water through security, we typically purchase a huge bottle of water or two to stay hydrated throughout the day. This can help with keeping your skin in check, energy up, bowel movements consistent and so much more. We will be bringing our glass water bottles along and Elle’s little Kleen Kanteen so we can fill them with water in our condo and while we travel around the island and play.

Figure out what food options are available near your hotel or condo.

When Matt and I traveled to Maui for our honeymoon we didn’t do this and just stopped at the Costco we spotted on the way to our hotel. After our week of honeymoon bliss, we found a Wholefoods on our way back to the airport. I was so bummed, but a good lesson was learned! Do your research, figure out if there are local health food stores and restaurants that have super fresh and healthy food options.

Create a mental game plan of how you’re going to approach your healthy living game while you vacay.

Is this usually when your healthy eating blows up, but you’re wanting to create an opportunity to practice making this healthy eating and living thing an everyday/any situation choice? Perfect. This is how to do that: Take some time, maybe when you lay down at night or while taking a bath, and picture what your vacation will look like and how you’ll interact with food and your family. Picture yourself shopping for the healthy snacks, ordering the foods that’ll make you feel good and even giving yourself grace for wanting the lava cake after dinner. It’s OK to treat yourself, just consider how those “treats” make you feel after. If you know you’ll get a tummy ache or a headache, choose something else silly! Seems simple, but that very thing took me years to learn.

Bring along your clean beauty products.

Most hotels aren’t offering non-toxic shampoo and conditioner and other toiletries so it’s best to make sure you’re stocked up with your own goods. I never leave for a vacay without my little...or giant toiletry bag. I bring small versions of my shampoo, conditioner and lotion and this year I'll also be bringing along Beautycounter’s Sun Protect Lotion and Primally Pure’s Blue Yarrow Body Oil for after sun cleansing (I am quite excited about these items!).

For Elle, I will be bringing along the entire Primally Pure Baby Line (baby balm, baby oil, powder and bar) which are all the perfect size for traveling so no stress there.

Decide if you’re going to cut off technology or if you’re going to bring along your computer.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think I’ll have time to do anything too productive if I bring my laptop, but running a business with my own two hands doesn’t always allow for complete work shut off. Good thing I love the heck out of what I do! This doesn’t stress me out at all which is how I gauged if it’d be healthy to bring it or not.

For you, it might be wise to leave it all behind. If you sit in front of a computer for a living or are attached to your email like it’s a fifth limb, you may need that break to actually let go and restore some of your sanity. Do it. You need it. You deserve it.

Get a massage. 

Or play a round of golf. Or book a nature hike. Figure out what your body needs to unwind, to let go, to recharge and do it. End of story.

What are some of the ways you create healthy vacations? I'd love to learn from YOU! Share in the comments below.