Episode 90 | Listener Questions–Vegetarianism, Adaptogens & Baby's First Foods

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We’re back with another listener question episodes and today we’ve got some great questions that came in from a few of our awesome listeners. We love these episodes because they allow us to connect to you on a more personal level, addressing the very questions, issues, concerns, and interests you have within your personal health journey.

Today we’re answering questions about juggling the AIP and GAPS diets, the best foods to introduce to new little eaters and why rice cereal is not recommended, dental hygiene and fluoride use, our thoughts on a vegetarian diet and if medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens are safe while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is a beefy episode and we loved today’s questions!

We are so grateful for YOU, our listener, and your continued love and support! We are always looking for episode topics that fit our audience of health conscious women so please feel free to comment with any ideas on food and lifestyle questions. You can also message us on Instagram or send us a direct email.

It’s truly incredible to watch our listeners run with the education we share and to see the powerful changes your efforts bring about within your health journey. Keep up the hard work and always know we’re rooting for you!

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Highlight Reel:

05:24 | Juggling GAPS, AIP and a new found histamine intolerance

13:20 | Nutrient-dense first foods for new eats (and why rice cereal is not recommended)

26:20 | Dental hygiene, fluoride and natural ways to improve dental health

30:30 | Is a vegetarian diet healthy?

40:30 | Using medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Episode 51 | Common Nutrition Fads - Here to Stay or No?

There are an overwhelming number of nutrition fads filling our bellies and confusing the most well intentioned women looking to eat better and live healthier. A lot of times we hear these common fads on blog posts, news stories, social media and even within our friend circle, but we don’t always know exactly what they are or the purpose that they serve.

On today’s episode, we take a closer look at 5 common nutrition fads and break down exactly what they are, how they impact our health and what we think about them. From that famous Bulletproof coffee to the new buzz word “adaptogen”, we are giving our two cents on these nutrition fads and even sharing how we use some of them in our own daily lives.

Thank you for listening to the Colorful Eats podcast! We are so grateful for your support and hope today’s episode will give you a little healthy boost as you go into your week!

Highlight Reel:

02:43 | Our take on common food fads

05:50 | Bulletproof got us like :)

10:15 | What’s up with adaptogens?

23:52 | How we really feel about “dairy free” milk alternatives

29:45 | Collagen is legit and where we’ve seen it in history

32:20 | The real story on detox and juice cleansing

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