Why Making Preconception Health a Lifestyle, Not a Fad, Does More Good Than You Can Imagine

I read a random blog post recently that really got me thinking. The woman writing the post, obviously some sort of health practitioner or Nutritionist, was talking about how we as women, are all about taking care of others. Even within the “fertility fad”, she wrote, we’re focusing on doing something for someone else (um, that healthy baby we’re dreaming of?) and that we should work on making healthier diet and lifestyle improvements for ourselves so that one day, when we do conceive, we’ll be nice and ready to make a healthy baby.

Because we’re focused on nurturing ourselves. Not for anyone else’s benefit.

That was wordy, sorry. I definitely don’t disagree with her. In fact, I really liked her viewpoint, but then I thought, "Is it really different than my own?"

What am I really hoping for when couple’s come to me for fertility support or when a woman reads a blog post of mine about preparing for conception? What is my ultimate goal with the education and support I provide?

I can say for certain that it sure as heck isn’t a “fad”. It’s not about something you do today and drop like a bad habit the moment you get pregnant.

It’s about so much more than that.

Yes, it’s about eating better and focusing on nourishing foods and cleaning up your environment and lowering your stress levels, but a big piece of it is about YOU learning to take care of yourself better. Learning to make your beautiful self a bit more of a priority, getting healthier so that you can show up better in life, but also better as a mother and caretaker. Not just today, but when you get pregnant, into mommyhood and beyond. The same goes for the hubs.

This is by no means selfish. Mommying is hard work.

I believe it’s one of the most important jobs on this earth and an absolute gift, but it’s taxing and overwhelming at times and if you’re not working daily to take care of YOU in some way or another, it can be an even greater challenge to show up as the best version of yourself.

Maybe with less mood swings, better energy and patience and my very favorite, more joy.

Preparing your body for conception is about so much more than just what you put in your mouth or the cleaning products you buy.

In the intentional choices you and your husband make each day to live healthier, you’re working toward creating a stronger connection between that lucky sperm and ready egg, a welcoming womb that nourishes and protects and a home environment that nurtures baby in every way possible.

These daily choices create a new way of living. A way that’s more mindful and intentional and understands that showing up this way can create a better future. For you. And baby.

Baby grows in this environment and learns her own version of healthy that she’ll take into the rest of her life. Enjoying more nourishing foods, learning to balance rest and hustle, giving herself grace daily, even choosing products that better support her health.

Because that’s what you did and that’s what she saw. 

Daily choices making waves.

As she marries and hopes to create her own family, she’s already in a better place because of the preparation you put in before her life ever began and the positive choices you made thereafter. She’s well nourished and strong and is better off because of you.

Because you had a little forethought to take preparing for her conception seriously. Learning to take care of your beautiful body and better nourish it’s God-given ability to create life within.

I pray for a movement of change, that couples are inspired to take charge of their fertility and create a less stress-filled conception story.

For their own well-being and that of their future little ones.

The journey won’t always be easy and it surely won't be perfect, but every choice we make has the ability to create positive change, healthier bodies and a stronger next generation.

It all comes full circle when you really think about it. What a beautiful thing.

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