Episode 67 | A Compassionate Approach to Healthy Living with Monique of Ambitious Kitchen

Today’s episode is such a treat because we got to chat with the beauty behind Ambitious Kitchen, Monique Volz. We are all about her healthy lifestyle philosophy and love the way she’s sharing her story to empower others to find balance within their own health journey.

Monique shares a bit about her struggle to find balance within food and fitness after major hardship in her life and how she has learned to overcome and allow for a more mindful and compassionate approach to her body, food and exercise. The beauty behind the amazing and always delicious recipes on Ambitious Kitchen shares what has really helped her stick to the healthy life and how one of our favorites, self-love, has become a super important part of her daily routine (plus her fave meditation app, mega food splurge, safer beauty product and dream weekend!).

We are loving what Monique stands for and what she’s doing to share her experience with the world! You can find more from Monique on Ambitious Kitchen and Instagram (her stories are so fun and encouraging!) and snag a healthy meal plan from her brand new adventure, the Healthy Glow Co.!

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Highlight Reel:

03:56 | How sadness prompted Monique to start blogging

06:45 | The eating disorder battle and how she learned to find balance

16:45 | How this go-getter is learning to incorporate more self-care and what she does

20:25 | Two things that have helped Monique stick to her healthy routine

22:08 | All about the Healthy Glow Collective

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Headspace app

Calm app

Healthy Glow Collective

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