Episode 66 | Good, Better, Best–Healthy Eating On a Budget

Today’s episode is all about breaking down common food buzzwords and helping you to create your healthiest diet along your own wellness journey. Because everyone’s story is different and where everyone is at along their journey varies so much, we wanted to do this episode to help you make the best food choices based on where you’re at in it all.

In today’s episode, we break down different categories of food, like meat and fish, dairy and eggs, fruits and veggies, and pantry items into “good, better, best” categories and share why quality is what really matters in it all. We offer up some super helpful money saving tips (like choosing certain cuts of meat or taking a look at the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15”) and a few resources we use to stock our pantries to help keep our grocery bills down.

This episode is great for the real food newbie and the experienced foodie! If you know of a friend or loved one that would love this episode, please share!

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03:51 | Importance of remembering that your journey is uniquely yours

08:11 | Animal Fats & Proteins: Good, Better, Best

16:28 | Eggs & Dairy: Good, Better, Best

20:57 | Vegetables & Fruits: Good, Better, Best

27:09 | Money saving tips for your pantry

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