Episode 45 | Slowing Down is the New Hustle

Colorful Eats Podcast Episode 45: Why Slowing Down is the New Hustle Today we are sharing our thoughts and feelings on slowing down, what we believe may just be the new hustle, creating more time and space for the things we love and being more productive because of it.

There’s a movement toward slowing down and we really like it. It’s something we’ve both been working toward in our lives and we’re seeing beautiful and positive impact on our health, our personal lives and our businesses.

But it isn’t always easy to figure out how to do it in your own life so we’re sharing some ways to begin slowing yourself down and living with greater intention and purpose. We definitely haven’t perfected it in our own lives, but it’s not about doing it “right”.

It’s about learning how to move with the seasons of life and fit it into your own journey.  

What are your thoughts on slowing down? Leave a comment below!

Highlight Reel

03:41 | Caroline and Justine’s recent victories and struggles

08:15 | There’s a change happening in society around that “go, go, go” mentality and we like it

18:45 | How the pursuit of slow can become a negative

22:30 | How to hop off the hamster wheel of life and take a step toward positive change

31:29 | Caroline’s Instagram comparison struggle

41:20 | Our final thoughts on slowing down

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