Episode 40 | Finding Your Why


On today’s Colorful Eats podcast episode, we are diving into why and how finding your “why” is the thing to do to help you create a more clear and meaningful path to achieve whatever you set out to do in life — whether it be in your career, your family life, your health or even your life’s purpose.

Finding your “why” may be a new concept to you, but we think this can be an incredible exercise to help you dig deep into the heart of the matter and create more purpose in whatever your life’s dreams and goals may be. To help you take action and do this exercise in your own life, we created a few action steps for you! We’re excited about this because we know it has the potential to be a game changer for you.

This was a fun and kind of deep episode where we get a little personal with our own “why’s” and journeys to find them.

We encourage you to spend a few moments to dig deep and even be a bit philosophical to find your why and unleash your full potential!

Highlight Reel:

  • 5:20 | Why we all need date nights
  • 13:20: | How having a clear vision can create more self-confidence
  • 16:26 | 6 Action Steps to help you find your “why”
  • 22:48 | Caroline shares her “why”
  • 27:05 | Justine shares her “why”

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