Episode 61 | 5 Ways to Give Grace & Stress Less During the Holidays

On today’s episode we are giving you 5 ways to take some of the stress out of the holidays and give yourself grace to really relax into the season and spend more time family, friends and those in need. Plus, we’re announcing the winner of our conscious holiday gift basket!

We are big believers in really sinking into life, feeling all the feels, enjoying the little moments and taking the time to live intentionally. We hope these 5 actionable steps will help you to have a beautiful season with your loved ones, with a little less overwhelm and guilt and a whole lot more joy!

This is our final episode for 2017, but we will be back to share our passion for healthy living on Monday, January 8, 2018! We absolutely love putting out actionable healthy living content for you, but we are definitely looking forward to a few weeks of quiet before the start of a brand new year!

Thank you Sunbasket for sponsoring this episode! Click here to get $35 off your first order!

Highlight Reel

03:13 | Giveaway winner announced! Woohoo! (Please contact us!)

09:27 | How the comparison game can steal your joy

12:15 | How a little planning can give you extra time during the week

20:51 | Justine’s tip for how to eat during the holidays when you have different eating styles

24:45 | Our take on holiday indulging (hint: it doesn’t involve guilt)

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