We're Expecting!

I didn’t leave much for the imagination with the title on the post, did I!? Well, it’s true! We are expecting another precious little human mid-November (a Christmas AND Thanksgiving baby!? Really!?)! I am 14 weeks along and feel so beyond blessed that this little one stuck!

Having experienced miscarriages (you can read and listen to more about our story here and here), the first trimester can be super tough. Emotionally and physically. Part of me almost tried not to believe I was actually pregnant...like I didn’t want to get used to the thought–it can and has been ripped away so quickly. But another, bigger, very hopeful part of me believed that this one was for real, that we were meant to meet this one...before we meet our other babies in Heaven.

Now, let me be clear–this little one was a surprise. Let me share a bit more about that with you...

The past few months have been rough, to say the least! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we had a major sewage leak in both of our bathrooms back in February and had to endure a 9 week double bathroom remodel, living in 6 different places, eating way more meals out of the house than I’d like to admit and feeling the stress that comes along with all of this as well as making a million design decisions (not my strong suite, but I’d say I knocked it out of the park!). Growing the family wasn’t really on our minds...like at all!

But God’s timing is perfect and I kind of feel this sense of peace knowing He must have had something to do with this! ;)

At about week 6 I started to feel the queasies and around week 7 or 8 the undeniable exhaustion of creating a human from scratch set in with a vengeance. If you’re thinking, “Yikes, that’d suck with all that remodel drama going on and being out of your home!”–you couldn’t be more right, my friend. In fact, looking back, I think I may have been a little depressed which made everything feel worse.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it has been a challenging few months. To pull myself out of my funk, honestly, I’d think about all the families dealing with children with cancer and I’d shape right up! It was tough, but it could have been so much worse!

So here we are, 14 weeks in and I am just beginning to feel some relief! We’ve heard our little one’s heartbeat, seen he/she on a quick ultrasound with our midwife and celebrated the excitement with Elle who is constantly asking to “hold the little baby!”

When we ask Elle if it’s a boy or girl she doesn’t skip a beat, “it’s a guwl.”

If I can be real with you, we are definitely nervous about having two, but know that by this time next year, we won’t be able to imagine life without our two rainbow babies. Sure, we may be half asleep for a year, but most people survive this stage, right!?

With this, I hope to share lots of fun pregnancy tips and information because let’s be real–pregnancy can be tough! I’ve been doing some research about different aspects of general pregnancy food and lifestyle recommendations and so many of them make me stop and say, “Are they serious with this!?” Pregnancy is so different for each women and learning to best nourish and love yourself throughout it is a very individual journey.

I know my job of growing a little human is so important and such a beautiful gift and I’m excited to bring you guys along on our journey...hopefully to encourage or inspire you in some way.

Who else is growing a little human out there!? Leave a comment below sharing your first trimester experience!

Here’s to growing humans (and placentas!)...from scratch!




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