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Episode 84 | 6 Ways to Keep Your Summer Healthy


The official start of summer is right around the corner and with the summer months comes lots of sunshine, family vacations, BBQ’s and cold treats–it’s safe to say summer is one of our favorite seasons. But truth be told, it can also be a stressful season with too much on the agenda, a few too many tropical drinks and no real down time. On today’s episode, we want to give you some encouragement to help make your summer a healthy one, both physically and emotionally.

We each chose a couple of ways we love to make the most of our summers and what has helped us feel our best throughout the season. Today we are sharing these 6 tips with you–from practicing daily gratitude and keeping your phone time to a minimum to enjoying seasonal produce and getting in plenty of uninhibited vitamin D. Nothing fancy, just simple, practical tips to help you flourish throughout the summer season.

We hope that your summer is filled with joy, lots of time with loved ones and plenty of beautiful memories!

Highlight Reel:

05:40 | Give yourself margin so you don’t need a “vacation from a vacation”

11:55 | Creating phone-free opportunities

13:28 | Why you shouldn’t fear the sun (and how to choose safe sunscreen)

18:47 | Choosing daily joys over comparison

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Episode 42 | Safe Summer Beauty Guide

Summer is in full swing and we are excited to talk about our safe summer beauty tips and how to nourish your beauty routine. We believe that true beauty comes from the inside out– cliche or not, it’s true! So we are sharing our top beautifying foods and why eating getting more of these tasty eats can help fight aging and create more supple skin.

We talk about some of our favorite clean summer beauty products so we’ve linked to each of the items under our “Link Love” below. These items are all tried and true and we only recommend products we actually use and love.

Plus We Have A Fun Summer Beauty Challenge That YOU Get To Participate In TOO!

Today’s episode will be our last before a lovely little summer break. We do this to allow ourselves to rest and rejuvenate and want to encourage you to do the same! Enjoy time in the sun, with your loved ones, doing a whole lot of nothing or adventuring. We’ll be back in action on Monday, July 31 with an episode all about body image and our open conversation with it!

Thank You To The Nutritional Therapy Association For Sponsoring This Episode!


Highlight Reel

03:05 | Why we love morning workouts

08:15 | What to eat to nourish your skin

18:58 A few ways to give your skin a summer vacay

38:48 Our beauty challenge to you!

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Episode 29 | From Start-Up to Success with Bethany of Primally Pure

Today we’re getting a bit giddy hanging with our dear friend Bethany McDaniel, the owner and creative mastermind behind the clean beauty products of Primally Pure. We can’t help it, she’s one of our faves!

Rather than digging into the details of her amazing products (which you have heard us talk about so many times), today we decided to get down and dirty with the business side of things. Because it’s always fun to get the “behind the scenes” look at our favorite brands and even learn a few things from the pros.

In today’s episode, Bethany shares what life was like when she first started Primally Pure, making products straight out of her home, how her routine has changed since having her first baby and ways she tries to practice balance within it all.

To learn more about Primally Pure and Bethany’s mission for creating safe, organic and effective products, head over to the Primally Pure website or Instagram!

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Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line + 30 Practical, Everyday Uses

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line! As a mama (or daddy), your child’s health is your upmost priority. I don’t think there is a single parent that is excluded from that fact.

It’s just the way we’re wired.

I remember feeling this crazy protectiveness while driving when my daughter, Elle, was first born. Everyone was a predator, putting my precious newborn at risk at every moment.

Ok, that sounds dramatic…and I was! This was so surprising to me, but I couldn’t help the feeling.

We have this protective mechanism engrained in our DNA to keep our babes safe and healthy at all times, with the knowledge and abilities we are equipped with, of course, from any form of harm.

One of the areas we as parents don’t realize may be harming our baby’s health are the everyday products we use on and around them. Think butt cream, shampoo and baby wash, the things we directly put on their bodies, synthetic fabrics as well as cleaning products and perfumes we use around them.

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line!

I have searched high and low for products to use during pregnancy as well as directly on baby when they join us earth-side that will help keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Why is this important, you ask?

Our understanding of how toxic chemical ingredients used in skincare and cosmetic products are affecting their precious little bodies is growing. From hormone disruptors and cancer-causing ingredients to those that cause skin sensitivities and allergies, we are seeing an astounding affect on our health these days because of the lack of regulation in the industry.

Thankfully, we’ve got some incredible non-toxic options to lean on and use on both our babies as well as ourselves.

One of my very favorite and most trusted companies is Primally Pure. Not only do I adore the owner, creator and conscious mama behind the beautiful brand, Bethany McDaniel, I truly love each and every product that I have tried.

And I've tried them all.

Primally Pure strives to create products that promote health and vitality instead of taking away from it. Their products are organic, free of harmful chemicals and full of nourishing ingredients.

Bethany believes that beauty and skincare products should enrich your life by providing you with noticeable results without sacrificing results or well-being. 

I can get behind that. And I hope you will too.

I wanted to take you through their brand new baby line and give you lots of ways to use their products not only on baby, but on your beautiful bod as well! This will give you more bang for your buck and help you get the most out of each and every product you purchase.

I also think that "The Baby Kit" could be THE BEST baby shower gift of all time! 

Plus, when you purchase Primally Pure products, you're choosing to support a small (and from where I'm sitting, local) business. That's a big deal in my book! 

Alright let's dive into this incredible line!

Baby Balm

Preventative butt paste

Diaper rash

On cracked and sore nursing nipples

Skin rashes

Chapped lips

Moisturize cradle cap

Dry winter cheek balm

Dry hands

Pregnant belly balm

Face cream for adult sensitive skin

Makeup remover

Baby Oil

Skin moisturizer

In baby’s bath (please be careful, baby can be more slippery)

Skin rashes

Slather over baby before swimming in a chlorinated pool as a barrier

Post-sun oil

For mommy’s (much needed) bath

Light moisturizer for sensitive skin types

As a carrier oil to use with pure essential oils

Use on split ends

Makeup remover for mom

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line!

Baby Powder

Soothes baby’s bottom

Keeps baby’s rolls dry

Mom’s dry shampoo

After shower powder for anyone

Rub all over feet/body after a sandy beach day to help get sand off

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line!

Baby Bar

Baby’s bath time soap

Mommy or daddy’s daily soap bar

Sensitive skin soap for anyone

Gentle facial cleansing bar


I hope you find as much joy in lathering your little ones in super nourishing and good for you products as I do!


Enjoy my friends!



Be beautiful, but be smart first

Women use an average of 12 beauty and skincare products a day...

Be Beautiful, but Be Smart First


Each with dozens of potentially toxic, harmful ingredients that can disrupt our hormones and potentially create other major health issues. 

Most of us understand that what we put in our mouths directly effects our health (duh), but did you know that what you put on your skin can have a huge impact on your health as well?

Our skin is our largest organ and readily absorbs almost everything you slather on it...nasty chemicals and all. 

Gross, but true!

Here's how I see it- if you've been putting in the work to rock out a healthy diet to feel and look your best, but haven't begun to clean up your beauty and skincare routine, you may be stunting your progress. 

Because this stuff matters, my friend. A lot. 

Did you know that the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938?

There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today. Most of them haven't been tested for safety. This is particularly true for those used in the beauty and skincare industry. 

Scary, isn't it?

But rather than create fear, I want to empower you. Because we have a choice here and our daily choices can make a huge impact in our health and the health of our loved ones. 

Beautcounter, a safe skincare company that I absolutely adore, has a beautiful video illustrating  some of these points and how they're creating a movement for change that is impossible not to get behind!


Wow. Pretty amazing right!?

Taking steps forward to make healthy swaps in our beauty and skincare routine isn't always easy, so I thought I'd throw together a list of a few of my favorite products to help you get started! By changing out just a few products at a time, you'll create a beauty and skincare routine that supports your desire to be your best and live healthfully in no time.

Here are 5 of my favorite products to help you get started (click on the photos to snag them for yourself!)...


Lip Sheer

Beautycounter Lip Sheers | Alo Wellness

Lip Sheer by Beautycounter is my favorite because it is literally silky-smooth and super light-weight. All of the shades have been color tested to make sure that each hue matches all skin tones.


Dew Skin and Tint Skin

Dew and Tint Skin | Alo Wellness

Dew Skin is a tinted moisturizer with built in SPF 20 that helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. The natural plant ingredients help brighten skin spots and promote firmer, smoother looking skin. I use this daily and it is so luxurious!

Tint Skin is a lightweight, creamy foundation that seamlessly covers imperfections and helps to even out skin tone. Apply with different Beautycounter brushes to achieve the exact coverage you're looking for.


Nourishing Cream Cleanser

Nourishing Cream Cleanser | Alo Wellness

The Nourishing Cream Cleanser is a perfect "safe" swap for your typical makeup remover and cleanser. It's lightweight yet extremely moisturizing and helps to hydrate and tone skin.


Lavender + Eucalyptus Body Butter

Lavender + Eucalyptus Body Butter - Primally Pure | Alo Wellness

When I was pregnant, I would lather my belly in this buttery goodness everyday, all day. With complete confidence that it was good for me and my baby. This body butter is perfect for deep moisturizing, especially during winter months or with a preggo belly! 


Primally Pure Deodorant

Primally Pure Deodorant | Alo Wellness

Primally Pure's deodorant is unbeatable. I have tried every natural, non-toxic deodorant out there and this is the first and only to work well without all the toxic ingredients junk. The lavender scent is my favorite.


Kids Bath Collection

Kids Line | Alo Wellness

What a fun and safe set of goodness for your little one! The Kids Bath Collection contains Kids Body Wash, Nice Do Shampoo, and Not a Knot cute are they!? Keeping our kids away from toxic ingredients is one of the best things we can do for their little health.


To see more makeup or skincare lines from Beautycounter, click here! And to see more safe skincare options from Primally Pure, click here! These are my very favorite safe skincare companies and I love being able to share these options with you! 

XO, Justine



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Good-for-you Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

Photo by Caroline Potter We are SO close to Christmas and I'm sure many of you are still searching for the PERFECT, meaningful, well thought out gift for your loved ones. Am I right? ;)

No worries because I've got your back lovely. 

A few weeks back, Caroline and I talked about our very favorite gifts for the holidays on the Colorful Eats podcast and why + how we're being more mindful about our gift giving, choosing brands and companies who are are making a difference in the world. If you haven't had a chance to listen, check it out here (plus, we give away a little freebie that will help you out with those last minute gifts!).

One of my very favorite skin care companies, Primally Pure, inspired this little list below. Their products have been at the top of my gift giving list (their Starter Kit being my absolute FAV!), they've truly got a little something for everyone! The last day to ship to receive your order by Christmas is December 16 so get on it friend! They've got free shipping on orders over $100! Yes please!

Here are some healthy gift options for everyone on your list! Enjoy!

Alo's Favorite Good-for-You Stocking Stuffers!

  • Wife: Body Oil (light, luxurious and aromatic), the Spa Kit (a must for every hard working mama and wifey!) and the Face Collection (for the ultimate nourishing skincare routine)


Happy giving!



Episode 8 | Safe Skincare - More Than Just a Movement with Kate Criswell

Episode 8 | Safe Skincare - More Than Just a Movement with Kate Criswell Being healthy is not just about the food we eat, though that is very important. It really is about so much more—it comes down to sleep, relationships, contentment and a big portion especially in today’s world is non-toxic living.

We wanted to specifically talk about safe skincare, products that as women, we use most days of our lives. This topic is gaining so much popularity in the mainstream news or circles today and we truly believe that this is more than just a movement, it’s not a fad that is going to fade in a week or even a year.

On today’s episode, we welcome Kate Criswell, a woman passionate about safe skincare and a Managing Director with Beautycounter who shares it all with us!  Join us for this eye opening conversation about how the products you use daily affect your hormones, fertility, children (even future children) and weight loss!

So go hit the “Subscribe” button on iTunes and share the podcast with your friends and family!  We are so excited to be here with you all each and every Monday morning!

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This podcast episode is proudly sponsored by the Nutritional Therapy Association: Real Education for People Who Believe in Real Food.



Link Love:

Shop Beautycounter Products

Environmental Working Group’s “Health Living” App

The Nantucket Project with Gregg Renfrew

Hibiscus Cream Blusher

Fig Lip Gloss



Episode 8 | Safe Skincare - More Than Just a Movement with Kate Criswell