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Episode 54 | Are Supplements Really Necessary

It’s safe to say that as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, we get asked about vitamins, minerals and other supplements- All. The. Time. So, we figured you’re probably just as curious!

Are supplements really necessary for good health? What should I look out for? How do I chose the best option? These are all questions we answer on today’s Colorful Eats podcast episode plus we share our take on the popularity of supplements and how we use them in our own nutrition practices. And since you probably also have questions about specific health issues or phases of life (like preconception and pregnancy), we’ve got your back and we’re sharing some of our top supplement specific recommendations.

Disclaimer: Remember that we are not physicians and are in no way diagnosing, treating or curing. Always check with your medical doctor when starting a new supplement plan.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode, thanks so much for tuning in!

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring today’s episode.  Listen along for your free lip balm!


Highlight Reel:

2:00 Why supplements have such a big place in today’s market

5:02 How strategic marketing can do you wrong

10:26 What to look for when selecting your supplements

12:25 Some seriously nutrient-dense whole food alternatives to supplements

27:00 Common health issues and our top supplement recommendations

45:45 Today’s Action Steps!

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