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Episode 71 | Creating a Non-Toxic Home: The Why

Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats Podcast! On today’s episode, Part 1 of a 2 part series, we are going to dig into the “why” behind creating a safe, non-toxic home environment. Just as with your health or family or professional goals, creating a solid “why” at the root of your non-toxic living goals allows you to stand strong behind your decisions when you feel overwhelmed or when family or friends question your sanity…

Today we are sharing our personal journeys–how we’ve come to create our own non-toxic homes and how this topic has grown to be such an important piece within our personal lives as well as with our clients, within our blogs and on social media. We’re also giving you some alarming stats, teaching you how toxic chemicals from common products react and store themselves within our bodies and four major ingredients to avoid and why.

The fact of the matter is that we live in a toxic world, but a cool and empowering fact is that we have the ability to protect ourselves by choosing safer products. Just by listening in today, you are arming yourself with knowledge that will help you take steps forward in your health journey!

Don’t forget to tune into next week’s episode, Part 2, where we’ll be sharing just how to create a non-toxic home, some of our favorite products and exactly why we’re choosing them. This is going to be a great episode and will help to really bring the topic home!

Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode!

Highlight Reel:

05:12 | Our personal journeys with creating a non-toxic home

24:45 | The individuals who are most affected by toxic chemicals from common products

37:50 | Four toxins to avoid and why

47:43 | Our FAVORITE, everyday, clean-everything-in-your-home cleaning product

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Episode 48 | How Creating a Non-toxic Home Changed Life + Business with Allison Evans of Branch Basics

This episode was so exciting for us to record and we are thrilled to share it with you today! Joining us today is the passionate, clean living expert behind our favorite cleaning product brand, Allison Evans of Branch Basics! On today’s episode, Allison shares her story of healing and how she went from meds, countless doctors and being told she’d never conceive on her own, to experiencing the freedom of health and conceiving a beautiful baby girl naturally (an amazing home birth, read her story here).

Allison shares what motivated her to really take her health seriously and how her journey to heal her body naturally led her to create a non-toxic all-purpose cleaning product that is able to help others live healthier and thrive. We’re so excited to be able to able to share Allison’s story and Branch Basics’ amazing new product with you!

Head over to the Branch Basics website to purchase their brand new formula, learn more about non-toxic living on their blog and follow along on Instagram for more health living goodness!

Highlight Reel:

02:55 | Allison’s diagnosis that challenged her fertility

05:07 | How and when the healing happened

10:30 | The power of choice and Allison’s take on what it means to live healthfully

20:06 | How experiencing the power of pure can change your health

23:23 | How choosing a non-toxic cleaning product can be a powerful first step toward a healthier you

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