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Episode 74 | Clearing Up Confusion on Changes in the Skincare Industry with Kate Criswell

We’ve been talking a lot about creating a non-toxic home on the podcast so we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave out one of the most important aspects, your beauty and skincare routine. These are the products we use daily, that sit on our skin for hours and hours and ultimately find their way into our bloodstream, making their safety a major concern.

Today we’re getting into some of the nitty gritty of the beauty industry with our dear friend and a woman who is passionate about health, fitness and safer beauty, Kate Criswell. Kate is a Managing Director with Beautycounter and is one of the women we go to often with questions about the beauty industry and what’s really going on behind fancy labels and companies upping their “greenwashing” game.

In today’s episode, our big focus and the main questions we put together for Kate were about going beyond labels like, “natural” and “organic,” and figuring out what is really being used and showing up in our beauty and skincare products. We also want to know how to choose products that are truly safer, made by companies who are taking a stand for real change within the industry and doing the rigorous testing needed.

Kate shares what the term “greenwashing” means, why “natural” products aren’t always as safe as you’d think, and why the safety of the ingredients used may be a bigger deal than their sourcing. She’s also got some great resources and ways to help you dig into your makeup bag and learn about the products you’re using and just how safe they really are.

Our hope is always to create conversations about topics that affect our health and share information that can help you make healthier choices within your life. We hope we can continue the better beauty convo with today’s episode and encourage you to create changes that positively impact your and your family’s health!

Highlight Reel:

04:12 | How greenwashing may = brainwashing

11:15 | Sourcing vs. safety

17:25 | The best resource for getting started with better beauty

27:45 | What’s trending this year in the safer skincare world

Link Love:

The Mom's Guide to Glowing Summer Skin

Hi, I’m Justine and I am the mama of a beautiful little ball of sunshine named Elle. She’s 18 months old going on 5 years of sass and this mama has been working in over-drive to figure out how to create a better balance of family, work and “me” time.

Because I think it’s so important for mommy’s to feel good, to be healthy and fit, to feel empowered, loved and confident in order to lead their families best.

Momming is both the hardest and most rewarding job in the world and it can sure take a toll on your precious “me” time, your diet, fitness routine and even your beauty regimen. All the things that used to make you feel really sexy, strong and put together. Laughable, right!?

Nowadays you may be feeling a little frumpy, you often forget to brush your hair in the morning and some days you never change out of your pajamas. You feel me, mama?

Making time to nourish yourself and take those extra beauty steps each day can seem completely overwhelming. After all, you’re taking care of an entire family unit and you always seem to come last.

But of all the ways to feel like you’ve got your stuff together and show up a little better for everyone else in your crew, nourishing your body and taking an extra few moments in the morning to get yourself ready for the day can be a game changer.

I know, it seems counterproductive. If you don’t have any extra time, how in the heck are you supposed to add your beauty routine back in or cook healthy meals or exercise!?

Well, I’m here to tell you that taking a few intentional moments each day to make yourself a priority can change the direction of your entire day and boost your little mama confidence.

As a mama myself, I have come to realize this comes down to living more mindfully, more intentionally. If you fly through each day just trying to take things as they fly at you, you’re going to struggle. If you take some time at the start of your week to write out what’s going down in the coming week, what days are crazier than others, what days will you be too busy to cook and need to prep ahead, etc., you can better schedule in “me” time, exercise, meal prep, and whatever else you need to thrive as a mama.

Because when mama ain’t thrivin’, no one’s thrivin’. Yes, you are that important mama!

Ok, back to getting a grip on your beauty routine.

Because Lord knows most of us need some serious help. included!

From one mama to another, it feels damn good to do something for yourself every now and again. Selfish? No way. I know your mama heart gives and gives and gives so I do believe you deserve some self love!

Here are a few start-today-tips to get that summer glow you so deserve!

Feed yourself well.

Like good ol’ whole foods, especially healthy fats like grass-fed butter and coconut oil, clean protein from sustainably raised meat, poultry and wild fish, seasonal veggies and fruits and nuts and seeds. Focusing on avoiding processed crap and getting in the good stuff ensures you’re taking in all the nutrients your body needs to nourish you from the inside out...aka beautiful, supple skin.

I love that so many summer produce items have skin protecting elements and glow-y skin superpowers.

If you are a super busy mama with active summer kiddos, make sure you prepare ahead of time for all-day outings, vacations and road trips. Keeping a cooler full of healthy snacks is the best way to save yourself from feeling the awful aftermath of a fast food drive-thru or a gas station meal. Yuck. Your skin will thank you too.

Drink up.

Water, not margaritas silly! Ever noticed what happens to your flowers or garden when you don’t water them. No bueno. Our bodies need plenty of clean water throughout the day to keep our cells well hydrated and electric properties within our body active and to help keep our lymphatic systems movin’ and groovin’. With a stagnant system, toxins can build up and it’ll show in our skin.

Go green with your beauty routine.

Swap out chemical filled beauty products for cleaner, health supporting items that nourish and protect your largest organ (your skin!). No matter where you are on your health journey, it’s important to begin, or continue, to work toward a non-toxic beauty routine. I did it over about a year's time and before I knew it every product I owned was clean and green and it felt so good!

I make sure to choose clean products that actually work. Because what’s the point of spending money just for the sake of going green? No thanks.

Now, for the mom routine -

I’d highly recommend you take a few minutes to consider what makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day. Whether you’re a shower and throw your hair in a pony kind of gal or you’re more the type that likes some curls in those luscious locks and blush on those cheeks, figuring out what YOU need to feel refreshed and ready for the day is all that matters.

Another piece of the puzzle is making sure you’re using clean beauty and skincare products, especially if you are planning to be pregnant soon, are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Our beauty routine plays a big role in our overall health since our skin is our largest organ and absorbs much of the chemical crap we slather on it. Hence the need for clean, green, nourishing products.

Also, since we’re talking summer beauty tips here, choosing a non-toxic sunscreen is an absolute must. I love Beautycounter’s sunscreen options best and have used them on baby girl as well!

Here is a list of some of my favorite products with links to snag your own…


Rejuvenating Radiance Serum

Protect Stick Sunscreen - Face

Beauty Cream

Fancy Face Serum

Rose + Mint Complexion Mist



Tinted Moisturizer

Aveda Mascara

Color Pinch Cream Blusher

Sheer Lipstick...the best ever




Protect All Over Sunscreen

Protect Stick Sunscreen

Lavender + Eucalyptus Body Butter

Sensitive Deodorant...the bomb

Blue Yarrow Body Oil



Shampoo + Conditioner

Style Sea Salt Spray

Dry Shampoo


Alright little beauty, there you have it! I’d love to hear what your favorite non-toxic beauty products are or if you end up trying any of the above! Leave a comment below and fill me in!

Photography by the lovely and super talented Yvette of Ettevy Photography.


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Episode 42 | Safe Summer Beauty Guide

Summer is in full swing and we are excited to talk about our safe summer beauty tips and how to nourish your beauty routine. We believe that true beauty comes from the inside out– cliche or not, it’s true! So we are sharing our top beautifying foods and why eating getting more of these tasty eats can help fight aging and create more supple skin.

We talk about some of our favorite clean summer beauty products so we’ve linked to each of the items under our “Link Love” below. These items are all tried and true and we only recommend products we actually use and love.

Plus We Have A Fun Summer Beauty Challenge That YOU Get To Participate In TOO!

Today’s episode will be our last before a lovely little summer break. We do this to allow ourselves to rest and rejuvenate and want to encourage you to do the same! Enjoy time in the sun, with your loved ones, doing a whole lot of nothing or adventuring. We’ll be back in action on Monday, July 31 with an episode all about body image and our open conversation with it!

Thank You To The Nutritional Therapy Association For Sponsoring This Episode!


Highlight Reel

03:05 | Why we love morning workouts

08:15 | What to eat to nourish your skin

18:58 A few ways to give your skin a summer vacay

38:48 Our beauty challenge to you!

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Episode 29 | From Start-Up to Success with Bethany of Primally Pure

Today we’re getting a bit giddy hanging with our dear friend Bethany McDaniel, the owner and creative mastermind behind the clean beauty products of Primally Pure. We can’t help it, she’s one of our faves!

Rather than digging into the details of her amazing products (which you have heard us talk about so many times), today we decided to get down and dirty with the business side of things. Because it’s always fun to get the “behind the scenes” look at our favorite brands and even learn a few things from the pros.

In today’s episode, Bethany shares what life was like when she first started Primally Pure, making products straight out of her home, how her routine has changed since having her first baby and ways she tries to practice balance within it all.

To learn more about Primally Pure and Bethany’s mission for creating safe, organic and effective products, head over to the Primally Pure website or Instagram!

And if you haven’t already, we’d love for you to click SUBSCRIBE in iTunes and write us a sweet little review! It’s like a virtual high-five and helps other podcast lovers find our corner of healthy living love.

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Colorful Eats Podcast

My Beauty Routine + Why I Made the Swap to Clean Products

Photo by Caroline Potter I’m a woman. Duh. Most of you knew that. And I really love being a woman.

I love getting dressed up and putting a little extra makeup on to “wow” the hubs.

I love that I got to house our baby girl, labor and birth her into this world (at home,’s was incredible and yo can read our birth story here).

And I love that my choices as a woman and as a mama have the power to really make a difference in this world.

One of the areas of healthy living that I have really focused on in recent years is creating a less toxic environment for myself and my family. What we are exposed to in our environment and what we use on our skin, our largest organ, can affect our health in a pretty profound way. Both negatively and positively.  

You see, I grew up using many of the same products I’m sure many of you also used - Oil of Olay face lotion, Coppertone sunscreen, Maybelline eyeshadow and mascara and all those shiny, colorful products that spoke to the girly-girl in me. And that my mom modeled to me. I didn’t have a clue that what I was using on my skin made any sort of impact or difference in my health because no one was talking about this in my life.

Taking us back about 8 years, shortly after becoming a Dietitian, I was introduced to a brand new world of nutrition and healthy living by my best friend and again when I studied to be a holistic Nutritionist in 2011. It really opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much more to a healthy lifestyle than just what you put in your mouth.

What you put ON your body and what you’re exposed to in your environment has the ability to make a huge impact on your health.

I began researching more and more about this topic and how our current beauty and skincare routines, using toxic chemical laden ingredients, can be such a damper on our health. I became totally obsessed because I knew this could be a game changer for my family, my friends and my amazing clients who were entrusting me to teach them all that I knew about creating and maintaining a healthy life.

Episode 8 | Safe Skincare - More Than Just a Movement with Kate Criswell

Did you know that the United States hasn’t passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients in personal care products since 1938!? And that there are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today, most of which have no safety data. Most alarming, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the governing body that regulates what is and isn’t allowed in our products, food and supplements, allows companies to use chemicals that are know to be extremely harmful in beauty and skincare products for adults as well as kids!? 

I. Can’t. Even.

I have to be super honest with you though. At first, all I saw was dollar signs. Are you serious!? That lotion cost you what!? That mascara was how much!? You seriously spent what I would spend on a nice, organic dinner out (with a glass of wine, mind you) on that eye cream!?

So, the struggle was real my friend and I slowly made the transition over to cleaner products, probably over a year or so.

What surprised me most about this change, was how incredible these products made me feel. Not only on the outside, but I began to see a change in my internal environment and how much more effective my real food efforts were once I did a little clean up in my external environment.

It was worth every penny.

Plus, from asking around, I quickly began to realize that lots of women were spending way more money on toxic, department store brands that were definitely not delivering the nourishment I was getting from my new beauty and skincare routine.

My Beauty Routine + Why I Made the Swap to Clean Beauty

I was sold and totally hooked on this new non-toxic world and the beauty that was coming from it. Both inside and out. 

Since then, I have tried countless brands and have loved some and hated others.

The biggest thing for me, and I’m sure you can relate, is performance. I don’t want to buy something just for the sake of saying I bought an organic this or that!

I want it to work. I want to be able to see a difference and feel it doing its job.

You feel me?

I've got a few tried and true brands up my sleeve that I want to share with you. I can really stand behind these products and their company's missions.

My Beauty Routine + Why I Made the Swap to Clean Beauty


I take my beauty and skincare routine very seriously...just like my diet. Because it matters.

Hopefully taking a little peak into my day of beauty will help give you some ideas, products that you may like to try and hopefully, encourage you to take the leap into the world of clean beauty!

To be quite honest, my routine varies from day to day. Maybe it isn’t a routine at all then!!? I always want to keep my skin guessing, while making sure that the products I use are pure and nourishing, always. I even allow my skin to rest 2 or 3 days a week.

So, here is a little taste of what my current beauty routine looks like and some of my very favorite, non-toxic products.

My (current) Beauty Routine:


My morning routine is pretty simple and usually involves a shower and makeup time! Here is what I use:



Throughout the day, I love using mists to freshen up my makeup and give me a little boost of beauty. Here are a few of my faves:



My favorite routine of the day because I feel this time really gets me relaxed and ready to climb into bed and sleep like a baby. After a long day being mama, working at nap time, making food for the family, running errands and all the other fun that comes with my days, this time is so needed and really helps me to feel rejuvenated and beautiful!

I have gotten in the habit of dry brushing before I shower at night. This helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which gets rid of waste, encourages detox, improves circulation and even boosts the immune system. Not to mention exfoliates your skin and even reduces cellulite. Um, yes please! We talk more about it on episode 27 of the Colorful Eats podcast (check it out here!).

After I dry brush, I wash my face and usually just use Dr. Bronner’s soap. Next I use a serum, face cream and one of two eye creams. I have been using Beautycounter’s Rejuvenating line, which is their anti-aging line, for about two weeks and have been loving the results!

Here are my nighttime current faves:


My Beauty Routine + Why I Made the Swap to Clean Beauty


How can you get involved?

I believe that cleaning up your beauty and skincare routine is right up there with cleaning up your diet. As you’ve read today, our environment, specifically the products we use on and around our skin within our cleaning and beauty regimen, can be all kind of toxic. Taking action steps toward a healthier routine is huge for improving how you feel and perform day to day.

I've got a few ideas for how you can take a stand for your health and clean up your environment...

  1. Take a look at the products you're using, what are the ingredients? You can go to Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep website to plug in your current beauty and skincare products and see how they rank on the "purity" scale. This can be incredibly eye opening.
  2. Supporting clean beauty companies like Primally Pure and Beautycounter by purchasing their products is a great way to begin to improve your environment as well as spread the word about these amazing company’s missions to get safer products into our homes. When you support these companies, it allows them to thrive and continue to produce clean products and spread the word on the importance of choosing non-toxic products on your health. 
  3. Becoming a Band of Beauty member with Beautycounter is another great way to get involved and gives you some lovely perks, like free shipping on orders over $100, a fabulous welcome gift, 15% back toward free product and monthly specials. To learn more, click here.
  4. If this mission strikes a chord with you or you’ve got a story to tell that can inspire other women and families to make more mindful decisions in their beauty and skincare routine, you might consider joining Beautycounter’s movement as a Consultant. Our team is packed full of amazing women, nutrition and wellness bloggers and passionate entrepreneurs. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!


PS…for a LIMITED time only, Beautycounter’s Band of Beauty member welcome gift is a Rejuvenating Eye Cream ($58 value), so if you have ever wanted to take the plunge into safe skincare, there is no better time than NOW! Note: Only valid with a minimum $50 purchase during sign up!



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Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line + 30 Practical, Everyday Uses

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line! As a mama (or daddy), your child’s health is your upmost priority. I don’t think there is a single parent that is excluded from that fact.

It’s just the way we’re wired.

I remember feeling this crazy protectiveness while driving when my daughter, Elle, was first born. Everyone was a predator, putting my precious newborn at risk at every moment.

Ok, that sounds dramatic…and I was! This was so surprising to me, but I couldn’t help the feeling.

We have this protective mechanism engrained in our DNA to keep our babes safe and healthy at all times, with the knowledge and abilities we are equipped with, of course, from any form of harm.

One of the areas we as parents don’t realize may be harming our baby’s health are the everyday products we use on and around them. Think butt cream, shampoo and baby wash, the things we directly put on their bodies, synthetic fabrics as well as cleaning products and perfumes we use around them.

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line!

I have searched high and low for products to use during pregnancy as well as directly on baby when they join us earth-side that will help keep them safe and out of harm’s way.

Why is this important, you ask?

Our understanding of how toxic chemical ingredients used in skincare and cosmetic products are affecting their precious little bodies is growing. From hormone disruptors and cancer-causing ingredients to those that cause skin sensitivities and allergies, we are seeing an astounding affect on our health these days because of the lack of regulation in the industry.

Thankfully, we’ve got some incredible non-toxic options to lean on and use on both our babies as well as ourselves.

One of my very favorite and most trusted companies is Primally Pure. Not only do I adore the owner, creator and conscious mama behind the beautiful brand, Bethany McDaniel, I truly love each and every product that I have tried.

And I've tried them all.

Primally Pure strives to create products that promote health and vitality instead of taking away from it. Their products are organic, free of harmful chemicals and full of nourishing ingredients.

Bethany believes that beauty and skincare products should enrich your life by providing you with noticeable results without sacrificing results or well-being. 

I can get behind that. And I hope you will too.

I wanted to take you through their brand new baby line and give you lots of ways to use their products not only on baby, but on your beautiful bod as well! This will give you more bang for your buck and help you get the most out of each and every product you purchase.

I also think that "The Baby Kit" could be THE BEST baby shower gift of all time! 

Plus, when you purchase Primally Pure products, you're choosing to support a small (and from where I'm sitting, local) business. That's a big deal in my book! 

Alright let's dive into this incredible line!

Baby Balm

Preventative butt paste

Diaper rash

On cracked and sore nursing nipples

Skin rashes

Chapped lips

Moisturize cradle cap

Dry winter cheek balm

Dry hands

Pregnant belly balm

Face cream for adult sensitive skin

Makeup remover

Baby Oil

Skin moisturizer

In baby’s bath (please be careful, baby can be more slippery)

Skin rashes

Slather over baby before swimming in a chlorinated pool as a barrier

Post-sun oil

For mommy’s (much needed) bath

Light moisturizer for sensitive skin types

As a carrier oil to use with pure essential oils

Use on split ends

Makeup remover for mom

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line!

Baby Powder

Soothes baby’s bottom

Keeps baby’s rolls dry

Mom’s dry shampoo

After shower powder for anyone

Rub all over feet/body after a sandy beach day to help get sand off

Introducing...the Primally Pure Baby Line!

Baby Bar

Baby’s bath time soap

Mommy or daddy’s daily soap bar

Sensitive skin soap for anyone

Gentle facial cleansing bar


I hope you find as much joy in lathering your little ones in super nourishing and good for you products as I do!


Enjoy my friends!



Good-for-you Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

Photo by Caroline Potter We are SO close to Christmas and I'm sure many of you are still searching for the PERFECT, meaningful, well thought out gift for your loved ones. Am I right? ;)

No worries because I've got your back lovely. 

A few weeks back, Caroline and I talked about our very favorite gifts for the holidays on the Colorful Eats podcast and why + how we're being more mindful about our gift giving, choosing brands and companies who are are making a difference in the world. If you haven't had a chance to listen, check it out here (plus, we give away a little freebie that will help you out with those last minute gifts!).

One of my very favorite skin care companies, Primally Pure, inspired this little list below. Their products have been at the top of my gift giving list (their Starter Kit being my absolute FAV!), they've truly got a little something for everyone! The last day to ship to receive your order by Christmas is December 16 so get on it friend! They've got free shipping on orders over $100! Yes please!

Here are some healthy gift options for everyone on your list! Enjoy!

Alo's Favorite Good-for-You Stocking Stuffers!

  • Wife: Body Oil (light, luxurious and aromatic), the Spa Kit (a must for every hard working mama and wifey!) and the Face Collection (for the ultimate nourishing skincare routine)


Happy giving!