Hormonal Birth Control

Episode 82 | The Unknown Facts About How Birth Control Affects You–Part 1

On today’s episode, we’re talking about a subject that is quite controversial and incredibly personal, one that most women know little about despite popping it daily–hormonal birth control. As holistic Nutritional Therapists, we wanted to dig into the topic a little deeper in order to help our listeners understand how this all too common medication is affecting women’s health today and the potential long term effects so few are talking about.

On today’s episode, we’re talking about how hormonal birth control works within our bodies, how it can affect our physical and emotional health and the common–yet rarely discussed–side effects of short and long term use. When you’re messing with hormones, you’re messing with fire and far too many women are unknowingly dealing with the effects they may not even know are stemming from their use of hormonal birth control.

Our desire for this episode is to begin a conversation about hormonal birth control, not to create fear or pass judgement, but rather to help you to be better informed on a topic that is so rarely talked about outside an OBGYN office and continue to empower you as a woman.

Since there will be plenty of questions, on next week’s episode, we’ll share more about how to bounce back from hormonal birth control, our favorite and incredibly effective natural birth control method and some helpful resources to help you learn more and make a choice that best suits you.

Highlight Reel:

08:05 | How hormonal birth control works in your body

12:27 | What hormonal contraceptives do to your gut, brain, hormones, mood and more

22:50 | Some of the realistic and common side effects of taking hormonal birth control

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