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Episode 13 | Beauty from Ashes: KICKcancER with Season Johnson, NTP

Episode 13 | Beauty from Ashes: KICKcancER with Season Johnson, NTP Did you know that pediatric cancer is the number one leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15?

Today we have a really special guest, a fellow NTP and total #momboss, Season Johnson. Season has an incredible story of making beauty from ashes that will bring you to tears, so get your tissue ready friends.

Season shares her story with us about how her son Kicker was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 2, a diagnosis that would change their lives in ways they could have never imagined, and how nutrition has played a massive role in how well Kicker has done. Nearly 3 years into treatment and this Momcologist has figured out how to bring hope to families struggling with this impossible diagnosis using real food and alternative therapies.

Episode 13 | Beauty from Ashes: KICKcancER with Season Johnson, NTPHer non-profit foundation, KICKcancER, was created to educate pediatric cancer families on how to support their child’s body to help them THRIVE throughout treatment, helping families improve their well-being and quality of life. On this week’s episode, Season shares different ways families can get involved and how you and I can support this incredible movement.

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For more information on the KICKcancER movement, please visit their website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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