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Episode 85 | Celebrating Your Unique Body


This week we’re sharing an exciting announcement that you may or may not have caught on social media, something we’ve been keeping top secret as we recorded episodes ahead of time for Caroline’s maternity leave.

Getting into the meat of today’s episode, we’re talking about body image again–a challenging topic that we feel needs the right type of love and support. It’s something that so many women, specifically, struggle with and we want to bring more light and encouragement to those who need it. So today we wanted to share our hearts, our own personal struggles and a few gentle pieces of advice on learning to love and appreciate your incredible body. We even have a little challenge to help you dig deeper and really make today’s episode work for you.

Whether you are a mama, a single lady or a woman with a few extra years of life experience, we hope this episode is one that brings you joy, helps you to see your body in a healthier light and ultimately, boosts your body confidence. Because you are incredible, my friend.

Highlight Reel:

02:20 | A big announcement

18:25 | Weight isn’t the only sign of good or bad health

21:25 | What does your body do for you and how are you uniquely made?

24:14 | Put your bathing suit on girl

29:40 | Our challenge to you

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Episode 43 | Loving Your Body - An Open Conversation on Body Image

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We’re back beautiful! And we are so excited! We’ve missed our Monday podcast dates with you, but it was a nice break for both of us and we hope for you as well. Summer is a time for creating memories, basking in the sunlight celebrating togetherness with family and friends and that is exactly what we did! We hope you’ve had some good summer fun and are relaxed and ready for a great second half of 2017!

Today we’re talking about the pains of poor body image and self consciousness, a topic that is near to our hearts and something we’ve both struggled with at some point in our lives. This episode is the first of it’s kind, but a conversation we hope we can continue for as long as we need to.

And to be honest, this conversation was pretty challenging for us to start, you’ll hear more about this in the episode, but we knew it was something that we wanted to be a part of.  There’s a movement with young girls and women to learn to love your body, no matter your size or shape, and all the incredible things it allows you to do.

Today we’re sharing our hearts with you, our stories and some encouragement that we hope will empower you to better love and cherish that amazing body of yours. We’ve got some action steps for you to use to challenge yourself to move forward and create a more positive approach to…well…YOU!

We’d also love to know where you want this conversation to go.  If you’d like to share your journey with us, please please feel free by leaving a comment below! Your journey can most certainly encourage other women and help break down insecurities and shame.

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Thank You Primally Pure For Sponsoring This Episode.  Be Sure To Listen To Learn How You Can Get A FREE Lip Balm!



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Episode 17 | Cultivating a Positive Relationship with Body Image & Weight Loss

Episode 17 | Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Body Image & Weight Loss Happy December friends! And here we are again with another amazing episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! We’re getting off the holiday train to talk about a meaty topic, one that we know so many can relate to and desire more info and support with - finding a healthy body weight.

As you know, we are all about creating balance and mindfulness around healthy eating and living and our tactics with weight loss are no different. Today we’re digging into some untraditional factors that may be affecting your weight and sharing super practical tips to help create health and balance in these areas because finding your healthy weight and creating joy there is a powerful place to be.

I am also sharing about my brand new Get at the Roots Workshop Series- an online, group program designed to help you correct the root causes of weight gain, firing up your metabolism and getting your body healthy, once and for all! Plus, we’re spoiling our listeners with a sweet deal on the program with coupon code COLORFULEATS! Space is limited so listen in and don’t hesitate secure your spot. Check out more information here! The program launches January 3, 2016!

We recognize there may be a lot of negative beliefs and feelings swirling around the topic of weight loss so we hope that this episode encourages and inspires.


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