Episode 62 | How to Form Good Habits and Break Bad Habits

We are back in action this week with an episode that we’re hoping helps to get your mind right as you sink into the New Year and encourage you to create healthy habits…that actually last. A big piece of this is cultivating new healthy habits and getting rid of the ones that are holding you back from eating well, achieving your goals and dreams and becoming your best self.

On today’s episode, we are sharing some actionable tips to help you create and stick to those healthy habits you’re dreaming of putting into action, a few things to consider in working on breaking the not-so-healthy habits (ever heard of abstainers or moderators?) and a few pointers to help you get the ball rolling in the right direction. We’re also sharing what we’re working on going into 2018 and per the usual, we’re being super honest and open!

We’d absolutely love to hear what you’re working on this year and how you plan on keeping your life resolutions going all year long! Share in the comments below!

We hope this year brings you much fruitfulness within your health journey and life.

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Highlight Reel

06:38 | Our take on New Year’s resolutions

11:18 | The process of overcoming the potential hardships of creating a new habit

18:46 | Know your personality type and how this can help you break bad habits (abstainer vs. moderator)

35:04 | Caroline’s new good habit and what she’s working on breaking

37:13 | Justine’s new good habit and what she’s working on breaking


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