Episode 52 | Why Preconception Health Matters


Preconception health kind of feels like a new topic in our nutrition and health world, it’s not talked about much within doctor’s offices or between mother and daughter, but it’s an area of health that can serve to be a game changer with fertility. Far too many couples are experiencing infertility and loss, but is there something we can do in our daily lives to improve this heart-breaking fact, optimize our fertility and help create a less stress-filled conception story?

On today’s episode, we’re sharing our heart for this incredible form of preventative health and why we believe preconception health can be an absolute game changer on your journey to conceiving and growing a vibrant, healthy little one. We dig into how prep can positively impact fertility and your ability to conceive with ease as well as improve baby’s health, both in the womb as well as long term. We’ve also created a few action steps for you and the hubs to help put today’s info into action in your own life.

Our hope is to inspire a positive change in the way we think about starting and growing families, creating more mindfulness and ultimately healthier parents and children.

We know this can be an emotional subject for couples who are struggling to conceive or have experienced loss so we hope this episode can encourage you on your journey.

If this episode excites you and lights a fire under your future baby making hiney and you wish to dive into your own preconception prep journey with the help of a very passionate Nutritionist, I am currently accepting new clients. You can learn more about how I work with couples to optimize fertility, package details and schedule HERE.

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Highlight Reel

05:40 | Our take on today’s lack of fertility prep

14:00 | How prep can affect fertility and your ability to conceive with ease

26:50 | The alarming number of toxins found in umbilical cord blood

35:50 | Action Steps for better fertility

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