Episode 30 | Stop the Glorification of Busy

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Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! This week we’re getting all deep and philosophical on you and you’re going to love every second of it. Because we’re giving you permission to take a step back from life, sort out the “busy” and create healthy ways to recharge and take a breather from it all. In fact, I think we even make “the hustle” look a little uncool.

We live in a time where, “I’m so busy”, is something just about everyone utters at least once a day. But is all this busyness really doing anything positive in our lives? Is our joy and our relationships suffering because of how “busy” we make ourselves?

In today’s episode, we challenge the “glorification of busy” and offer up 8 strategies to lessen the fluff and noise in your life, creating more time to do what you love and more opportunities to bring joy to your life. We’re also giving you permission to be YOU and we think that’s pretty powerful. Plus, we’ve got five action steps to help make it real for you and challenge you to take steps forward.

We’d like to ask that this week, you share the podcast with a friend or two who may need a little recharging of their own. We’d love to be a little light in their lives!

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Thank You Primally Pure For Sponsoring This Episode.  Be Sure To Listen For Your Free Lip Balm!

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