[BIG NEWS] Introducing...The Colorful Eats Podcast!

For many years I have prayed for the Lord to use the amazing passion for nutrition and all things healthy living that I believe He placed on my heart to help people…in a big way. In the summer before my sophomore year in college, I was on a walk, praying about my future and where the Lord may want me in this life. I was over the whole “marketing” major I had originally set out to conquer and I wanted to do something I would really love. Nutrition was something I had always been passionate about so my sweet [and insanely supportive] mama encouraged me to look into a nutrition major.

So, on this very walk, as I was lifting up my heart, asking for guidance on this new path, I felt the Lord say to me, “I want you to educate the masses”.

Hm, kind of scary, but I like the sound of that Lord!

I remember busting through the front door of my parents house, just dying to tell my mom what I had heard. Of course, she wasn’t surprised [you know moms, they always think their children are the most amazing and capable human beings on the planet!].

And I kind of wasn’t either.

As the years of studying turned into practicing nutrition in a medical center turned into finding my greatest passion for holistic health and wellness and starting my own business, I always had this moment in the back of my head, hearing the Lord’s voice command me to bigger things than myself, curious how He was going to get me there.

Skip forward to present day, a few hundred clients later and so many lessons in life/business learned. A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine and fellow Nutritional Therapy Practitioner [and incredible cookbook author!!!], Caroline Potter, called me and informed me that due to life circumstances, her “Nourishing Buzz” podcast was closing its doors. What a huge bummer, I loved this podcast and had even done an episode about pre-conception health with them. BUT Caroline didn’t feel like the Lord was closing this podcast door all together. She had changed the name and wanted me to join her as a co-host!

What!? Little ol’ me!?

Yes. And as I took a week to pray and think about all aspects of this new adventure, I remembered that quiet voice, “I want you to educate the masses.” Could this be a step toward my purpose? The ability to share with people who are craving encouragement and empowerment in their health?

“I’m totally in!” I told Caroline and we began recording the following week.

So, without further ado! I introduce to you, the Colorful Eats podcast with Caroline Potter and yours truly!

Colorful Eats Podcast

Our mission is to provide an educational weekly podcast to encourage a balanced, well-rounded approach to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s going to be light and fun, conversational and a very non-stuffy approach to topics that so many struggle with.

Every Monday I will post the podcast link, a brief overview and any links that we discuss during the show.

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So, is this a step toward educating the masses that the Lord has for me?

We shall see…

Until then, please head over to iTunes and listen to Episode #4 [and all the others while you’re at it!] and share with your friends.

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This podcast episode is proudly sponsored by the Nutritional Therapy Association: Real Education for People Who Believe in Real Food.

I am so grateful for your continued support! I am beyond excited to have this new educational resource for you!

Let the fun begin!