Presley's Birth Story

Presley's Birth Story

Hey friend, its been a while since I’ve written a blog post…I’ve been a little busy! Having a baby mostly and juggling a toddler and newborn (somebody notify me when they create the technology to grow extra arms and hands because I need two more of each!). It’s been a wild ride and our hearts are so full.

I wanted to share our newest little girl’s birth story with you. I don’t do this to brag or be gross or whatever someone might feel about a graphic labor and birth post. I am sharing this story…journey, really…with hopes to bring more awareness to natural childbirth and the home birth experience and just how beautiful and powerful our bodies are. Sure, it’s not for everyone. I get that. But I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to experience two healthy, non-eventful natural births in the comfort of our home.

We chose to have our babies at home because we’ve come to learn a lot about childbirth in the hospital setting and the countless unnecessary interventions that leave so many mothers and babies with really challenging labor and birth experiences. With that being said, I am so damn grateful for modern medicine because if anything did go south at home, we’d have a way to keep me and baby alive and well.

I realize many who’ve experienced a hospital birth may think we’re crazy for having a baby at home, there are so many “what if’s”! Sure, anything can happen, but the fact of the matter is that most of the time there is no need for medical intervention. My midwife, Karen Baker who has been practicing midwifery since the 1982, keeps tight tabs on all this. Her transfer rate is 10% and 90% of the women who are transferred to the hospital are exhausted laborers and are ready for rest with an epidural. Life threatening situations are actually pretty rare.

I also wanted to share this journey because when I was pregnant and learning about labor and birth and wondering how my own story would go, I clung to these types of birth stories. The ones that were fast and un-eventful. Or the ones where the woman never wavered in her ability to do it. To bring that baby earth side with all her own umph. I hope that in sharing my journey, I can encourage some soon-to-be mamas as well.

Let’s dig in…

It’s hard to even know how to begin. I’ve been sharing Presley’s birth journey for the past few weeks (more like 6 because that’s how long it’s taken me to finish writing this up!) and every time I go through the details I am just in awe of the miracle of labor and birth (not to mention that whole “creating a human from scratch”’s truly is a miracle). More than anything, I am really grateful that I was inspired to learn about natural childbirth, what is actually happening within a woman’s body (and with baby) during this time and just how powerful God created our female bodies. The respect I have for my body and other birthing women because of this knowledge, is huge. Our bodies are capable of incredible things.

This was my second full-term pregnancy and in the weeks leading up to my due date I found myself wondering how this delivery would be different from Elle’s (read her full birth story here). My labor with Elle was so quick, just about 4 hours from start to finish, so would this one be quicker? That was the thought, but what if it was longer? Would it be harder? Would I have a totally different experience?

As I read through the first few paragraphs in Elle’s birth story post, I am just now realizing that these two birth stories are actually pretty similar to one another in terms of the technical stuff, but the actual experience, my mental state, who I am today as a woman and mom...all so different.

In a beautiful kind of way.

So my body started with the “pre-work” about 3 weeks before I went into labor. I had light period cramps, more so in the evenings, off and on during this time. I also had A LOT of Braxton Hicks.  I would get so excited because I knew that any work that my body did ahead of time was less work it had to do on game day. Sign me up for the pre-labor...I’m all about it and welcomed every sensation I had.

My body felt pretty good overall besides the normal discomfort in just the sheer size of my belly and lack of space within (bedtime was my least favorite time of day...sleeping while pregnant just sucks). I was so ready to have this baby, any little crampy feeling made me think, “maybe today’s the day!” but I continued to wait it out.

Monday morning (a day past my due date), I went and got a chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Nate who specializes in all things pregnancy and baby, hung out with Elle and relaxed most of the day. I had a few loose stools which got me excited because I had this with Elle just before I went into labor. I decided to get in bed a little earlier than usual Monday evening–maybe my body knew it was getting close to show time and I needed the extra rest. Matt decided to add some water to the birth pool to get the ball rolling since we knew it could happen at any time. Come to find out, Matt didn’t get into bed until like 1pm...poor guy…

Around 2:30am on Tuesday morning, I woke up to pee and when I got back in bed and settled down, I noticed I felt some really light period-like cramps, but this time they were starting and stopping about every 5-10 minutes. Once I felt 2 or 3 coming and going consistently, I downloaded a contraction tracker app so I could see what was actually happening. They continued to come so I got out of bed to pee again and this time I turned the light on in the bathroom so I was able to see I had some “bloody show” when I wiped.

I posted this on my Instagram before it all went down…guess I was right!

I posted this on my Instagram before it all went down…guess I was right!

I immediately knew it was going down. I text my best friend Anna who immediately responded since she’d been sleeping with her phone on next to her for this very reason (her hubby is also a physician so he was on call for us juuuuuust in case the midwives couldn’t make it in time)! At 2:52am I wrote, “Timing some very early contractions now. About a minute in duration, mild, about 7-8 minutes apart. Diarrhea now.”

I called my mom just after 3am since the “cramps” were beginning to increase a bit in intensity. I remember that by the end of our 10 minute conversation I was having to stop and sway through the contraction, but could still talk and wasn’t too uncomfortable.

By 3:15am, the contractions were 2-4 minutes apart and lasting 45 or 50 seconds, but were still mild in intensity. Since my labor with Elle was less than 4 hours, we figured this one would probably go quick so at this point I texted our midwife, Karen, just to let her know what was going on.

Her response, “How do you feel about me coming over now?”

That’s when you know it’s business time!

At 3:30am I text Karen again to let her know that my previous 8 contractions were under 5 minutes apart and the last 5 contractions were 2 minutes apart and increasing in intensity, but still moderate.

My mom arrived around 4am to listen for Elle and to help me and the midwives. I didn’t have anyone but Matt and the midwife team at my L+B with Elle so honestly I was a little nervous.

L+B is such a deeply personal experience, incredibly intimate in my opinion and you need to feel 100% comfortable with your surroundings in order to decrease stress and optimize those labor hormones. I know this isn’t the case for everyone (hello crazy hospital birth experiences!), but with a home birth, you’re able to control your environment and who enters it 100%. My mom and I talked about it beforehand and I shared some things that would help me emotionally with her being there (everyone’s got baggage, this was a good time to let it out!) and I’m so grateful my mom was able to experience Presley’s L+B with us! I’m pretty sure it blew her mind.

Karen arrived around 4:30am, listened to baby’s heart rate and checked on how I was doing. At this point, I asked Matt to put pressure on my low back during a few contractions to help ease some of the discomfort I was feeling. This was totally different than with Elle because I never wanted to be touched during her labor–touch made the pain worse for me.

I continued to labor in our room, swaying my hips constantly during and in between contractions. This movement was so natural for me, I couldn’t stop. It’s like my little birth dance and I did the same thing during Elle’s L+B. For a while I labored on my hands and knees as my legs felt a little weak during more intense contractions.

Presley's Birth Story

When a contraction would start, I’d take a big deep breath and in my head say the quote from the wood sign in my Elle’s room, “I am the daughter of a king who is not moved by the world for my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His.” This gave me so much comfort and confidence. What a powerful truth to embody during labor.

At this point, Matt and my mom we’re hustling around, working on getting warm water in the birth pool and Karen was unloading all her equipment. I could hear little conversations, some laughter and hustle happening in our main living area in between contractions. I finally...a little frustrated if I’m being honest...asked Matt to leave the pool prep to the midwives and my mom and come into the room with me. He had been popping in and out, but I needed his touch and comfort at this point.

The contractions intensified significantly around 4:45ish (like from moderate to strong consistently...I’d say active labor started around 4am-ish) and by 5am I knew I was already in transition. I had a few lengthy, intense contractions, my legs were shaky like I could barely hold myself up and I had these little burps coming up. I knew exactly what was going on by all the different things happening and I asked Karen if she thought I was in transition. Karen said that most likely I was.

This was so encouraging because I knew that transition is the final phase of the first stage of labor and when your cervix dilates from about 7 to 10cm. That meant baby would be here soon.

At 5:15am, the birth pool was ready in the living room and I slowly made my way out of our room and into the pool. As I approached the pool I was overwhelmed with emotion and just started balling. I remember saying something like, “I don’t know why I’m crying, I just feel so emotional.” I believe this was part of the transition symptoms and Karen agreed.

Presley's Birth Story

Once I was in the pool my contractions spaced out significantly and this messed with my head. My only other experience with labor was with Elle and that I can now say was “fast and furious”. It was intense and I had few breaks from when it started to when I pushed her out less than 4 hours later (my first child, might I remind you). I couldn’t help but compare. Maybe I wasn’t as far along as I thought? Maybe that wasn’t transition that I was experiencing?

I know the power of the mind, but between contractions, my thoughts sounded a bit like this, “ugh, I am so freaking over this. I just cannot wait for this to be over.” Honestly, I don’t think it was because of the pain because at this point, I actually said to the midwives, “This is seriously not that bad.” I was just over it. I kept reminding myself that this was most likely the last time I’d ever experience this and that I’d be holding my little angel soon enough. This helped push me forward.

This was a new feeling for me...the mental struggle. I actually asked Karen a few times after contractions if she should check me and of course she kept saying, “Of course, if you want me to you just need to at least lean back a bit” and I kept saying, “OK, after this next contraction” and it just never happened. The thought of getting on my back during labor...I just can’t. I honestly cannot imagine having to be on my back for any of my labor...that is just not a natural position for me during labor.

With my first labor, Karen never checked me as all the signs were clear that I was in transition and then ready to push. There’s no need to check when your body is showing you the natural symptoms of the different phases of labor (and as speedy as I was going through them).

At one point she checked me while I was on my hands and knees and the head was pretty far down and getting close.

There was also some comedy. I remember seeing on the bottom of the birth pool a warning that said, “NO DIVING” and I said out loud to everyone something like, “you guys, there is absolutely no diving in this pool!” Everyone had a good laugh.

The contractions definitely intensified as I got closer to the end and I was quite literally roaring my way through them. I was beginning to feel a bit of a bear down sensation, like my body wanted to push a bit and this was so encouraging. This gave me a new sense of UMPH because I knew that I would be meeting my little angel soon enough!

At this point I remember thinking during some of the longer breaks (literally I think there were some 5 minute breaks between contractions!), “I just want to be with Elle. I just want to hold her and snuggle her.” Probably because the thought of being with her was comforting to me.

Right around this point I said to my midwives, “This is the first time I have ever had the thought, ‘F#&$ it, give me an epidural’! Excuse my language.” They both laughed and said, “I think that’s a good sign!” It’s like they’ve heard this same thing from hundreds of moms as they were pushed to the edge RIGHT before baby emerged.

The intense sensation to push came around 6:15am or so and I believe I had one contraction where I really began to push and at the next I pushed with everything in me. I pushed her head out and about 18 seconds later I pushed her body out. I was SO ready to get this little stinker out that I just kept pushing until she was in my arms!

This part was so incredibly intense and the pain is what pushed me to just get her out…I couldn’t handle it, even after I birthed her head. With Elle, I had a huge break between contractions after I pushed her head out and I just don’t remember it being like this.

Presley's Birth Story

The second midwife Katie (who was a student midwife at Elle’s was so special to have her gentle presence again) took a video of me as I pushed her head and body out and the sweet meeting between mommy and baby. I literally cry every time I watch it and as I type this now.

There is just nothing NOTHING like meeting your baby for the first time. The little human that I grew from scratch within my womb. The sweet presence that was kicking and poking and rolling in my tummy the last 40 weeks. It is truly the greatest gift to hold and kiss and snuggle this precious little life and a little taste of Jesus’ love for us.

I just held her and cried and spoke gently to her. Oh that moment. I will forever cherish this meeting.

Presley's Birth Story

Water babies are quiet when they come earthside. They don’t cry immediately as their bodies are adjusting to the air. I don’t believe Presley had her first cry until a minute or two after I pulled her from the water. Karen did gently rub her back at one point to stimulate her a bit, but she fussed and cried out just like she was supposed to.

She had SO MUCH vernix on her which is funny since she was full term. I rubbed some of it into my chest and arms. Vernix is like magical baby juice.

I sat in the pool for a little while and just enjoyed my baby girl. She latched on to nurse about 15 or 20 minutes after delivery and man was she a natural! It still amazes me how they know exactly what to do without any prompting or anything!

Presley's Birth Story

I delivered the placenta about 20 minutes after Presley and at this point we all got ready for the shuffle to our room so I could get in bed and relax. Elle woke up right about 7am and made her way into our room to meet her sissy. We video’d the meeting and it was so so sweet.

The midwives did their thing checking me, measuring and assessing baby, etc. I was able to shower and get back in bed all comfy and ready to rest. This is one of my favorite parts of the home birth experience–it’s quiet, calm, and we get to celebrate this new life in the comfort of our own home. This is so special.

Elle meeting her sissy for the first time!

Elle meeting her sissy for the first time!

Elle cutting Presley’s cord with daddy. We do delayed cord clamping to allow our babies to get the last bit of nourishment from the placenta, I believe this was close to an hour after birth.

Elle cutting Presley’s cord with daddy. We do delayed cord clamping to allow our babies to get the last bit of nourishment from the placenta, I believe this was close to an hour after birth.

Katie assessing and measuring Presley.

Katie assessing and measuring Presley.

Weighing her sweet little body.

Weighing her sweet little body.

Elle getting a placenta anatomy lesson from midwife Katie. Elle still talks about this!

Elle getting a placenta anatomy lesson from midwife Katie. Elle still talks about this!

My beautiful mama with her second granddaughter!

My beautiful mama with her second granddaughter!

I attribute my focus on nourishing my body and mind to how my body has responded to the demands of childbirth. How my skin stretched to house two beautiful little babies without a single stretch mark (yes, my mom had stretch marks with me so rule out heredity here). How my hormones settled back to normal after birth without any postpartum depression or baby blues. How my body has nourished my babies to help them grow and flourish. All my (and our…the hubs had a hand in this too!) hard work paid off and allowed us to bring two strong, healthy little lives into this world.

It’s not luck my friend. It took great focus and effort and every single bit of it was worth it as it will carry my girls into adulthood with good health.

Wow. Another successful birth at home. What an incredible gift. I can hardly express how grateful I am for this experience. For my husband and my mama. For my midwives Karen and Katie. It was challenging, raw, overwhelming and yet the most powerful and beautiful experience of my life. Times two.

A photo Karen snapped during her 24-hour post-birth visit. Just a mommy falling in love.

A photo Karen snapped during her 24-hour post-birth visit. Just a mommy falling in love.

Episode 89 | How Natural Skincare Supports Holistic Health + Why It Works

Episode 89 with Courtney.jpg

Today’s episode was so fun and so educational, even for Caroline and I! We invited a dear friend and Director of Marketing for Primally Pure, Courtney O’Connor, to share her amazing non-toxic skincare experience and knowledge as a Holistic Esthetician with us. Let me tell you friend, you are in for a real treat!

Courtney shares how her obsession with beauty magazines and creating spa days for her buds as an 11 year old morphed into an intense passion for creating beauty from the inside out and looking at our skin as a reflection of our body’s internal environment.

“The skin is brilliant at revealing imbalances within the body.”

On today’s episode, Courtney gives us her take on the oh-so-popular chemical peels and intense facial treatments, what this obsession is actually doing to our skin (the opposite of what you’d hope for) and what you can do to create healthier skin using natural methods like facial massage and non-toxic products that actually work. Courtney also shares her journey with kicking gluten, sugar and alcohol, how it’s brought her so much more than just healthier skin and why she hasn’t looked back (in over 2.5 years!).

This episode is so encouraging and educational and will definitely leave you feeling inspired to nourish your beautiful self from the inside out. Thank you Courtney for sharing your passion with all of us!

To learn more from Courtney, check out her beauty and skincare posts over on the Primally Pure blog and Instagram.

Download Episode 89 in iTunes!

Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode!

Highlight Reel:

03:45 | Courtney shares the holistic side of skincare

15:00 | Why the popular chemical treatments are more damaging than beneficial + natural alternative to try out today

28:25 | Why you need tallow in your skincare routine

32:35 | How to give yourself a holistic home facial

35:18 | What a year off gluten, sugar and alcohol taught her

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Episode 88 | Back to Basics–4 Ways to Simplify Healthy Eating

Episode 88 Basics.jpg

We are back from a sweet little summer break and so excited to get back into the groove of our weekly episode with you! It’s August and some of you may be getting ready to send kids back to school, some may be adjusting back to life after vacations–wherever you’re at, it’s a time to adjust and refocus, a changing of seasons so to speak since we’re not quite to fall yet.

If summer threw you for a loop or you’re just wanting to refocus your health efforts, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to simplify the healthy eating side of things. Because we believe the healthy life should be simple and enjoyable, not overwhelming and stressful. On today’s episode, we’re each sharing two of our top tips for helping to re-energize your food life and make your week a whole lot easier. These tips are simple and can easily be implemented today!

We’re so glad to be back in action and so grateful you’re listening in to this week’s episode! Enjoy!

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Highlight Reel:

11:30 | Tip #1: the power clean up, stock up and make aheads

20:00 | Tip #2: the weekly challenge

27:15 | Tip #3: making “fast food”

32:00 | Tip #4: creating the balanced life

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Episode 87 | A Husband's Perspective on Healthy Living


We’ve got a very special episode for you today with two handsome guests whom we absolutely adore…our husbands! We thought it’d be fun to get their perspectives on being married to a nutritionist and all that comes along with that. Our husbands are sharing their advice on how to get your spouse, significant other or family members on board with the healthy life, sharing their encouragement for those looking to create balance in their lives, why they’ve chosen to come along for the ride and more. You’ll even get the scoop on their not so healthy splurges!

We hope that sharing our husbands perspectives on eating healthy and some of the challenges that come along with it may help encourage those who are dealing with some push back in their own life. They’ve got some great advice!

PS we are taking a summer break for the rest of July and will be back in August.  We hope to use this time to slow down, soak up the sun and enjoy our families—wishing you the same!

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Highlight Reel:

01:40 | Matt and Justine’s perspective

25:15 | Stephen and Caroline’s perspective

The 6 Beauty Items You Shouldn't Live Without This Summer


Summer is one of my favorite seasons because it’s low key and so much fun! This summer we don’t have any big trips planned so I have high hopes of spending my days in the pool with my family, friends and their littles, soaking up all the vitamin D, chili seasoned mangoes and laughter I can handle!

But what I’ve realized is that being pregnant during the summer months can definitely be a challenge–our Southern California heat seems even hotter and the sunscreen ingredients just make me cringe! I am really careful about the products I use day to day, but I am especially careful while I’m pregnant. All those chemies can make their way into mama AND baby's bloodstream. No thank you Coppertone.

Choosing safe skincare and beauty products is everything to me. But it's not really about me, it's about protecting my family (those born and unborn) from the harmful effects of the toxic ingredients used. 

Plus, summer products are so important! They help protect you, nourish your sun-kissed skin and make you feel beautiful.

I like to keep things quite simple during the summer–it never feels good to me to cake on makeup or use greasy, stinky sunscreens. So as the temps rise and pool time becomes part of our daily routine, I’ve found myself turning to a few simple products and not a whole lot more. I wanted to share these beauties with you in hopes to encourage you on your non-toxic living journey and just share some tried and true favorites.

Each of these beauty and skincare products are as clean as they come, leaving out any toxic or questionable ingredients. This is so important, especially as women and mothers, because we tend to be the ones lathering our bodies in harmful products on the daily with potentially hundreds of toxic chemicals (and sometimes sharing them with our little ones). Swapping out your makeup and skincare products for cleaner, safer options can help improve your hormone health, fertility, weight, energy and so much more!

Beautycounter’s Countersun Spray

I just purchased the Countersun line a few weeks ago and have used it almost every day since, either on myself or on our daughter. This is not a chemical based sunscreen that filters the suns UV rays and uses skin irritating ingredients that have been linked to the collapse of coral reefs around the world, not to mention ocean pollution. Countersun is a mineral-based sunscreen that actually blocks the sun’s UV rays and is much safer for our bodies (and our oceans). Mineral-based sunscreens are also perfect for those with sensitive skin as well as babies and kids. Countersun also uses a non-nano zinc oxide which is basically larger particles of the mineral so there is no risk of absorption into the skin and therefore the’s better to get zinc from oysters anyway!

Primally Pure Eucalyptus + Lavender Body Butter

This is the best post-swim/beach/river/sun-soaked day moisturizer you’ll find. Period. It’s thick and super hydrating and smells incredible. I’ve been using PP’s body butters for years, but this newer scent is my go-to these days. This is also the only thing I use on my growing preggo belly! I used it with my first full-term pregnancy and not one stretch mark!

*Side note–the sweet ladies over at PP shared a little discount code for my readers to use through June! Enter “ALO10” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase through June 30!

Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

Aka God’s gift to armpits...and to anyone close enough to smell you. I have been using natural deodorant for about 10 years and none of them ever worked the way I wanted (I’m talking rashes, funny smelling BO, itchiness, etc.) until I met Primally Pure’s deodorant. Instant chemistry, instant love. Sure they smell good, but most importantly their deodorant actually performs. Recently they added the Charcoal deodorant to their lineup (among a few other delights like geranium and tea tree) and I’ll just say this–I never leave home without a few good swipes (or the whole tube!). Deodorant can be one of the most toxic everyday products you use on your body so if you haven’t made the switch, let this be your sign! And don't forget to use promo code "ALO10" for 10% off your order through June!

Beautycounter’s Rose Lipsheer

My go-to makeup routine lately has been Tint Skin Foundation, Volumizing mascara, Rose Lipsheer and ta-da! Done! What I love most about the Lipsheers are that they are so moisturizing while still sticking around, unlike lipgloss. Rose is my fave, everyday (and night) color...little pink-little red perfection. I honestly never leave home without it!

Body Deli Cucumber Juice Elixir

Sunburn remedy extraordinaire! This toner is full of living ingredients like fresh greens, kombucha, chlorophyll and chlorella. Because of its fresh ingredients, you keep this little love in the fridge which makes it that much more wonderful when you spray it on sun-kissed skin. I also love to use it in the morning with a fresh face while I’m making breakfast (since it’s in the fridge!). It’s cool, smells so stinking delicious (like can we use this as a cocktail mixer!?) and super clean–perfect for that accidental sunburn!

Primally Pure Cleansing Oil

Have you ever heard of oil cleansing? It’s so awesome and the perfect night-time routine to begin this summer. Oil cleansing helps to pull out impurities while purifying and nourishing your skin. It’s good for all skin types and I’ve heard from so many women that after the initial adjustment (about a week or so), their skin balanced itself out! I’ve been using the Dry Skin Cleansing Oil for a few weeks and I am loving the nightly routine and what it’s doing to my skin! Here is a great “how-to” post written my dear friend and the creator of Primally Pure, Bethany.

*Don’t forget about that 10% off promo code for all Primally Pure purchase in June! Use promo code “ALO10” at checkout through June 30!

What are some of your go-to summer faves? Have you tried any of these ones? Share the love in the comments!



Episode 83 | The Unknown Facts About How Birth Control Affects You–Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast! Last week we dug into the controversial topic of hormonal birth control and shared just how this oh-so-common daily medication may be affecting our health. Check out Episode 82 here! So we know you’ve got questions and lucky you, we’ve got answers!

On today’s episode, we are sharing more on how hormonal birth control affects you inner biome and nutritional health, it’s potential effects on fertility and our take on natural birth control (plus our favorite method that will help you get to know your cycle better and avoid or achieve pregnancy). We also talk about one of the most important pieces, how to bounce back from hormonal birth control and some helpful tips to bring your body back into balance and improve your hormonal health.

We could talk about this topic for hours and barely scratch the surface so we encourage you to continue the research on your own. Today we share some of our favorite resources to help you learn more and make the best choice for your own journey.

Still have more questions? Ready to dig in deeper? Check out Caroline’s Happy Hormones Workshop where she goes through detailed plans for coming off birth control and creating happy hormones.

Highlight Reel:

05:40 | How birth control can alter your inner biome and nutritional status

08:10 | Long term effects, specifically on your fertility

13:10 | Our favorite natural birth control method

22:50 | How to begin recovery from hormonal birth control

Link Love:

Happy Hormones Workshop

The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? By Jane Bennett and Alexandra Pope

Sweetening the Pill by Holly Grigg-Spall

Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Tori Weschler

Weston A. Price Foundation

Recovering from the Birth Control Pill and Other Hormonal Contraceptives by Kim Schuette

Pure Radiance Vitamin C

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Episode 82 | The Unknown Facts About How Birth Control Affects You–Part 1

On today’s episode, we’re talking about a subject that is quite controversial and incredibly personal, one that most women know little about despite popping it daily–hormonal birth control. As holistic Nutritional Therapists, we wanted to dig into the topic a little deeper in order to help our listeners understand how this all too common medication is affecting women’s health today and the potential long term effects so few are talking about.

On today’s episode, we’re talking about how hormonal birth control works within our bodies, how it can affect our physical and emotional health and the common–yet rarely discussed–side effects of short and long term use. When you’re messing with hormones, you’re messing with fire and far too many women are unknowingly dealing with the effects they may not even know are stemming from their use of hormonal birth control.

Our desire for this episode is to begin a conversation about hormonal birth control, not to create fear or pass judgement, but rather to help you to be better informed on a topic that is so rarely talked about outside an OBGYN office and continue to empower you as a woman.

Since there will be plenty of questions, on next week’s episode, we’ll share more about how to bounce back from hormonal birth control, our favorite and incredibly effective natural birth control method and some helpful resources to help you learn more and make a choice that best suits you.

Highlight Reel:

08:05 | How hormonal birth control works in your body

12:27 | What hormonal contraceptives do to your gut, brain, hormones, mood and more

22:50 | Some of the realistic and common side effects of taking hormonal birth control

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We're Expecting!

I didn’t leave much for the imagination with the title on the post, did I!? Well, it’s true! We are expecting another precious little human mid-November (a Christmas AND Thanksgiving baby!? Really!?)! I am 14 weeks along and feel so beyond blessed that this little one stuck!

Having experienced miscarriages (you can read and listen to more about our story here and here), the first trimester can be super tough. Emotionally and physically. Part of me almost tried not to believe I was actually I didn’t want to get used to the thought–it can and has been ripped away so quickly. But another, bigger, very hopeful part of me believed that this one was for real, that we were meant to meet this one...before we meet our other babies in Heaven.

Now, let me be clear–this little one was a surprise. Let me share a bit more about that with you...

The past few months have been rough, to say the least! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that we had a major sewage leak in both of our bathrooms back in February and had to endure a 9 week double bathroom remodel, living in 6 different places, eating way more meals out of the house than I’d like to admit and feeling the stress that comes along with all of this as well as making a million design decisions (not my strong suite, but I’d say I knocked it out of the park!). Growing the family wasn’t really on our at all!

But God’s timing is perfect and I kind of feel this sense of peace knowing He must have had something to do with this! ;)

At about week 6 I started to feel the queasies and around week 7 or 8 the undeniable exhaustion of creating a human from scratch set in with a vengeance. If you’re thinking, “Yikes, that’d suck with all that remodel drama going on and being out of your home!”–you couldn’t be more right, my friend. In fact, looking back, I think I may have been a little depressed which made everything feel worse.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it has been a challenging few months. To pull myself out of my funk, honestly, I’d think about all the families dealing with children with cancer and I’d shape right up! It was tough, but it could have been so much worse!

So here we are, 14 weeks in and I am just beginning to feel some relief! We’ve heard our little one’s heartbeat, seen he/she on a quick ultrasound with our midwife and celebrated the excitement with Elle who is constantly asking to “hold the little baby!”

When we ask Elle if it’s a boy or girl she doesn’t skip a beat, “it’s a guwl.”

If I can be real with you, we are definitely nervous about having two, but know that by this time next year, we won’t be able to imagine life without our two rainbow babies. Sure, we may be half asleep for a year, but most people survive this stage, right!?

With this, I hope to share lots of fun pregnancy tips and information because let’s be real–pregnancy can be tough! I’ve been doing some research about different aspects of general pregnancy food and lifestyle recommendations and so many of them make me stop and say, “Are they serious with this!?” Pregnancy is so different for each women and learning to best nourish and love yourself throughout it is a very individual journey.

I know my job of growing a little human is so important and such a beautiful gift and I’m excited to bring you guys along on our journey...hopefully to encourage or inspire you in some way.

Who else is growing a little human out there!? Leave a comment below sharing your first trimester experience!

Here’s to growing humans (and placentas!)...from scratch!




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Episode 80 | Vitamin Quality, Birth Control, Miscarriage & More

We are back with another one of our favorite types of episodes, listener questions! We love these episodes because they allow us to connect with you directly, our listener, and really get down to the specific issues and topics you have on your heart. Today’s questions have come from Instagram messages and emails that we’ve received since our last listener question episode (episode 68) and we’re excited to dive into these questions with you.

Today’s topics vary from explaining pricey supplements to your significant other to healthy eating on a budget, our favorite green powders, non-toxic birth control methods and how to deal emotionally when you become pregnant after a miscarriage. We’re sharing our personal thoughts, feelings and experiences to help answer your questions and we’ve got a little something for everyone today!

If you have questions or are interested in a certain nutrition or lifestyle topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to share your question on an episode like this or even create an episode around a topic of interest. Email to connect!

Highlight Reel:

02:35 | How do I explain pricey supplements to my husband?

08:56 | What’s your take on green powders?

23:28 | Non-toxic birth control?

31:10 | I’m dealing with chronic inflammation, what’s going on?

37:30 | I’ve had two miscarriage and now I’m pregnant, how do I overcome the fear and anxiety?

Link Love:

Episode 79 | 5 Ways to Unplug from Social Media & Technology

Social media, smartphones, laptops–all such wonderful perks of our modern lives and such great ways to keep us connected to our loved ones, world events and even our work, but there are definitely some down sides to the constant barrage of technology. We want to start a conversation about how to unplug from it all, even if only for a short time, and the positive impact it can have on your life–your confidence, concentration, relationships and so many more areas.

In today’s episode, we are sharing a few ways to unplug from technology and the many benefits from giving yourself a break.  We’re also giving you a peek into how we unplug, the different reasons why and what it’s done for us in our personal lives.

We are so grateful for technology, but too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. We hope that this episode encourages you to create balance within this topic within your own life, furthering your ability to live your best life!

Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode—real education for people who believe in real food.

Highlight Reel:

13:45 | How to create some technology down time

16:23 | Consider how your not missing THAT much

20:50 | You can’t recreate time–is there more you could be doing with your time?

25:50 | How we like to unplug

Link Love: