Episode 95 | Postpartum Health & Why it Matters for Your Future Health

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Today’s episode is a first for us, but as you may have figured out by now–we love talking about real life and keeping our content true to our hearts and lives! Postpartum health is not a topic you hear a whole lot about in mainstream health or media–at least not a lot of helpful information–yet it’s a chapter in life that can truly make or break your health journey and even your experience as a new mother.

Creating a human from scratch is a miraculous feat–one that demands an incredible amount of energy and nutrients and requires a period of time for healing afterwards. On today’s episode, we’re sharing our take on postpartum health (hint: it has nothing to do with getting your pre-pregnancy abs back), how to nourish your body and baby best during this time and a few super helpful tips for supporting your health through this chapter so you can truly thrive as “mommy”.

Motherhood is an incredible journey and our hope is that you can prioritize your wellbeing so that you can best serve your beautiful family. A healthy mama makes a healthy home!

Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode—real education for people who believe in real food.

Highlight Reel:

14:00 | Nourish–some specific recommendations for food and nutrient needs after baby

25:30 | Sleep–tips to help make it happen

32:10 | Adrenal support–helpful ways to love on your adrenal glands

36:50 | Going against the “I can do all the things” train and asking for help

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Episode 92 | Pros & Cons of the Keto Diet

Episode 92 Keto.jpg

Today we are diving into the popular Ketogenic diet–what it is, what it’s all about and why anyone would want to willingly jump into this diet! As Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, we’re sharing our take on the Keto diet, a few of the “pros” and some of the “cons” and why this diet can be amazing for some, but not so much for others.

We get a lot of questions about this diet specifically, but also on other diet trends and on today’s episode we wanted to make sure to clear up our thoughts and feelings on diets, in general. We’re big fans of creating balance within your food and lifestyle and we’re openly sharing how we feel about these trendy diets.

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Since so much can be said about the Ketogenic diet, we wanted to share some resources with you in case you want to dig deeper. These resources cover both sides of the coin, those in favor and those less excited about the Keto diet so please take the time to look into each thoroughly if you’re considering trying it out.


Highlight Reel:

06:22 | What is a ketogenic diet?

12:20 | Difference between keto and a high-fat diet

16:00 | Pros of the keto diet–blood sugar, weight loss, athletic performance, etc.

24:30 | Potential cons of the keto diet–sustainability, food quality, hormones, etc.

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Caroline’s Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue Naturally course

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Episode 91 | Removing the Guilt and Finding Joy in Food & Community with Lindsay Surowitz

Episode 91 Lindsay.jpg

Today we invited a gal we’ve been hardcore crushing on lately, Lindsay Surowitz of Weeknight Bite, to talk about all things balance and simplicity within the world of healthy eating. This is an area that most women struggle with so we asked Lindsay to share some of the ways she helps her clients and loved ones break down the guilt so many of us feel when it comes to healthy living (and we LOVE what she’s got to say!).

Lindsay shares her tips and tricks for creating balance around community and food (something that can be super overwhelming) and how she’s learned to blend the two so well together, despite having friends that don’t eat the same or trying to navigate tough restaurant meals.

We love Lindsay’s take on the healthy life and know you’ll be inspired by her journey and encouragement. You can connect with Lindsay and catch more of her sunshine over on Weeknight Bite or Instagram!

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Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Associationfor sponsoring this episode!

Highlight Reel:

09:40 | A quote from dad–taking ownership of your choices

15:50 | Getting off the healthy living guilt train

19:30  | Practical ways to escape guilt

27:00 | How Lindsay makes social gathering healthy and removes the stress

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Episode 90 | Listener Questions–Vegetarianism, Adaptogens & Baby's First Foods

Episode 90 | Listener Questions.jpg

We’re back with another listener question episodes and today we’ve got some great questions that came in from a few of our awesome listeners. We love these episodes because they allow us to connect to you on a more personal level, addressing the very questions, issues, concerns, and interests you have within your personal health journey.

Today we’re answering questions about juggling the AIP and GAPS diets, the best foods to introduce to new little eaters and why rice cereal is not recommended, dental hygiene and fluoride use, our thoughts on a vegetarian diet and if medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens are safe while pregnant and breastfeeding. This is a beefy episode and we loved today’s questions!

We are so grateful for YOU, our listener, and your continued love and support! We are always looking for episode topics that fit our audience of health conscious women so please feel free to comment with any ideas on food and lifestyle questions. You can also message us on Instagram or send us a direct email.

It’s truly incredible to watch our listeners run with the education we share and to see the powerful changes your efforts bring about within your health journey. Keep up the hard work and always know we’re rooting for you!

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Highlight Reel:

05:24 | Juggling GAPS, AIP and a new found histamine intolerance

13:20 | Nutrient-dense first foods for new eats (and why rice cereal is not recommended)

26:20 | Dental hygiene, fluoride and natural ways to improve dental health

30:30 | Is a vegetarian diet healthy?

40:30 | Using medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Episode 88 | Back to Basics–4 Ways to Simplify Healthy Eating

Episode 88 Basics.jpg

We are back from a sweet little summer break and so excited to get back into the groove of our weekly episode with you! It’s August and some of you may be getting ready to send kids back to school, some may be adjusting back to life after vacations–wherever you’re at, it’s a time to adjust and refocus, a changing of seasons so to speak since we’re not quite to fall yet.

If summer threw you for a loop or you’re just wanting to refocus your health efforts, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to simplify the healthy eating side of things. Because we believe the healthy life should be simple and enjoyable, not overwhelming and stressful. On today’s episode, we’re each sharing two of our top tips for helping to re-energize your food life and make your week a whole lot easier. These tips are simple and can easily be implemented today!

We’re so glad to be back in action and so grateful you’re listening in to this week’s episode! Enjoy!

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Highlight Reel:

11:30 | Tip #1: the power clean up, stock up and make aheads

20:00 | Tip #2: the weekly challenge

27:15 | Tip #3: making “fast food”

32:00 | Tip #4: creating the balanced life

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Episode 87 | A Husband's Perspective on Healthy Living


We’ve got a very special episode for you today with two handsome guests whom we absolutely adore…our husbands! We thought it’d be fun to get their perspectives on being married to a nutritionist and all that comes along with that. Our husbands are sharing their advice on how to get your spouse, significant other or family members on board with the healthy life, sharing their encouragement for those looking to create balance in their lives, why they’ve chosen to come along for the ride and more. You’ll even get the scoop on their not so healthy splurges!

We hope that sharing our husbands perspectives on eating healthy and some of the challenges that come along with it may help encourage those who are dealing with some push back in their own life. They’ve got some great advice!

PS we are taking a summer break for the rest of July and will be back in August.  We hope to use this time to slow down, soak up the sun and enjoy our families—wishing you the same!

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Highlight Reel:

01:40 | Matt and Justine’s perspective

25:15 | Stephen and Caroline’s perspective

Episode 80 | Vitamin Quality, Birth Control, Miscarriage & More

We are back with another one of our favorite types of episodes, listener questions! We love these episodes because they allow us to connect with you directly, our listener, and really get down to the specific issues and topics you have on your heart. Today’s questions have come from Instagram messages and emails that we’ve received since our last listener question episode (episode 68) and we’re excited to dive into these questions with you.

Today’s topics vary from explaining pricey supplements to your significant other to healthy eating on a budget, our favorite green powders, non-toxic birth control methods and how to deal emotionally when you become pregnant after a miscarriage. We’re sharing our personal thoughts, feelings and experiences to help answer your questions and we’ve got a little something for everyone today!

If you have questions or are interested in a certain nutrition or lifestyle topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to share your question on an episode like this or even create an episode around a topic of interest. Email justine@alowellness.com to connect!

Highlight Reel:

02:35 | How do I explain pricey supplements to my husband?

08:56 | What’s your take on green powders?

23:28 | Non-toxic birth control?

31:10 | I’m dealing with chronic inflammation, what’s going on?

37:30 | I’ve had two miscarriage and now I’m pregnant, how do I overcome the fear and anxiety?

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Episode 77 | Why Gluten-Free May Not Always Be the Best Choice

Have you ever wondered if you should be following a gluten-free diet? Or if you are already following one, is it as healthy as it could be? On today’s podcast we are digging into the popular gluten-free label and asking if it’s really as healthy as most think.

To help you understand just how far wheat and gluten have come from the days when Jesus was breaking bread, we’re sharing a bit about their history and how much they’ve both changed over time. Because of this, many are needing to following a gluten-free diet, but oftentimes this new diet can be filled with processed ingredients potentially causing more issues. Today we’re digging into why a “gluten-free” label may not necessarily mean “healthy” and some of our favorite ways to optimize a gluten-free diet.

Whether you are gluten-free currently or have been considering trying it out, today’s episode will help you understand more about the gluten-free food world and eat the foods that will help you thrive on a gluten-free diet.

Thank you Sunbasket for sponsoring this episode! Click HERE to get $35 off your first order!

Highlight Reel:

07:10 |  A little history on wheat and gluten

18:30 | Why a “gluten-free” label doesn’t always mean healthy

26:26 | Some great gluten-free real food options

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Episode 66 | Good, Better, Best–Healthy Eating On a Budget

Today’s episode is all about breaking down common food buzzwords and helping you to create your healthiest diet along your own wellness journey. Because everyone’s story is different and where everyone is at along their journey varies so much, we wanted to do this episode to help you make the best food choices based on where you’re at in it all.

In today’s episode, we break down different categories of food, like meat and fish, dairy and eggs, fruits and veggies, and pantry items into “good, better, best” categories and share why quality is what really matters in it all. We offer up some super helpful money saving tips (like choosing certain cuts of meat or taking a look at the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15”) and a few resources we use to stock our pantries to help keep our grocery bills down.

This episode is great for the real food newbie and the experienced foodie! If you know of a friend or loved one that would love this episode, please share!

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Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring this week’s episode! They are sharing the love in February and gifting FREE 1.7 oz Geranium Deodorant with any purchase of $75 or more.  One offer per order, ends February, 2018.  



03:51 | Importance of remembering that your journey is uniquely yours

08:11 | Animal Fats & Proteins: Good, Better, Best

16:28 | Eggs & Dairy: Good, Better, Best

20:57 | Vegetables & Fruits: Good, Better, Best

27:09 | Money saving tips for your pantry

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Episode 63 | Making Good Nutrition Stick Day In and Day Out


Welcome back to another episode of the Colorful Eats podcast, we are so excited you’re here! Keeping with the theme of making your New Year’s resolutions (aka life resolutions) last, we wanted to talk about how to really make good nutrition stick, not just in January, but all year long.

In today’s episode, we’re asking two tough questions that will help you get your mind right and begin to overcome some of the hardships that inevitably come along with making healthier food choices. We’re also sharing our top 7 tips for making healthy eating stick, each and every day...goodies like keeping it simple, creating boundaries with enablers, making sure your food tastes good, keeping the big picture in mind and of course, treating yourself.  

Eating well isn’t about perfect and we hope this episode helps to encourage you to push forward in your efforts to nourish that amazing body of yours, even when the going gets tough!

If you loved today episode or if you’re been listening for a while, we’d love to hear your thoughts! The easiest way is to leave a review for the Colorful Eats podcast in iTunes or within your purple podcast app. It’s essentially like a virtual high five and helps other podcasters find our little corner of healthy living sunshine each week!

Today’s episode is sponsored by Sunbasket! Click here to make your meal prep a whole lot easier and to get $35 off your first order!


Highlight Reel:

05:16 | Before we begin...it’s not all about your food

09:32 | Is your relationship with food ruining your health?

21:50 | Reward and treat yo self, being healthy isn’t being perfect

23:59 | How making your fave foods into a healthier rendition can change the game

26:37 | Why keeping the big picture in mind is huge for your success

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